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What is maiden dividend?

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A married name is the family name adopted by a person upon marriage, and in speaking of the many cultures where the practice is traditional for women, the maiden name is the family name that the married name replaces.

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What is the dividend of ninety seven by sixty?

The dividend is 97.The dividend is 97.The dividend is 97.The dividend is 97.

What is the journal of Dividend Income?

If dividend income received: Debit Cash / bank Credit Dividend income If dividend income receivable: Debit Dividend income receivable Credit Dividend income

How do you calculate the dividend growth rate?

(current month's dividend - last month's dividend) / last month's dividend using dividend per share amount

What is Dividend Disbursement?

Dividend Disbursement

What does dividend meen?

A dividend is a no. which is divided

How do you record declared cash dividend?

A declared cash dividend is recorded by debiting the dividend account and crediting the dividend payable account.

What is relative dividend yield?

Relative Dividend Yield is dividend yield of a stock compared the dividend yield of the S&P 500

What is the journal entry for dividends receivable?

Dividend receivable Debit Cash dividend Credit Cash Debit Dividend receivable Credit

What is a dividend factor?

Dividend factor = Net earned income / dividend earning shares

What is a factor dividend?

Dividend factor = Net earned income / dividend earning shares

What is the double entry for proposed dividend?

[Debit] Proposed dividend [Credit] Dividend payable

What is interium dividend?

Interim Dividend: Companies can pay dividend at the end of financial year which is called final dividend but sometimes companies declare two dividends one in the middle of the financial years that dividend is called interim dividend and then one at the end of the financial year which is called final dividend.

What is the number your dividing called?

THe answer is dividend. THe answer is dividend.

What is the definition of dividend revenue?

it is when the revenue is dividend

What is an xc type dividend?

It is a Cash Dividend

What part of speech is dividend?

Dividend is a noun.

What a dividend?

A dividend is the number that is divided by the divisor

Which is the dividend and which is the divisor?

Dividend : Divisor = Quotient

What is the difference between a divisor and dividend?

Divisor: the number by which a dividend is divided Dividend: a number to be divided

Who is bigger dividend or divisor?

the dividend see if u say 10 divided by 5 the the will be the dividend.

What is a dividend of 164?

Dividend of 164 is the maximum tax on the dividend income that will be effected on 31st December.

In a division problem the is the number that goes into the dividend?

In a division problem, the ___ is the number that "goes into" the dividend

What is the entry to book accrued dividend?

Accrued dividend A/c...............Dr Dividend account.....................Cr Cash Ac.......................Dr Accrued dividend A/c..........Cr

What is the meaning of proposed dividend?

Proposed Dividend means a dividend that is paid by the company that the end of a finical year.

Is a dividend an asset or liability?

If you receive a dividend from your investment, it is an asset. If you pay a dividend to those who invested with you, it is a liability.