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What is manarchy?

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It is a slang term (meaning, it won't be found in an actual dictionary) for "a form of government run entirely by men." Definition from Urban Dictionary (see the Related Link below).

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What form of government does Lesotho have?

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What does manarchy mean?

a form of government run entirely by men.

What type of manarchy is Great Britain?

Britain is a Constitutional Monarchy.

What brought an end to monarchy in Russia?

The February Russian Revolution of 1917 brought an end to manarchy in Russia.

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What is the definition of manarchy?

A monarchy is essentially the feudal system. There is a king and his queen (and their childrend who will inherit the throne), lords and ladies that may be of some relation to the king, and commoners. The king is almighty, making all the laws and policies deciding when to go to war.

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