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What is marijuana made of?

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It's a plant but the chemical that gets you high is THC

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What is marijuana made out of?

Marijuana is grown not made.Marijuana is made of the leaves and stems, and sometimes the seeds, of the marijuana plant.

Is weed made from marijuana?

Weed is slang for Marijuana. Weed is not made from Marijuana, Weed is Marijuana.

Where is marijuana made?

it is made at a marijuana farm were they grow the plants

Which foods contain THC?

Only marijuana brownies and other foods made with marijuana or cannabutter, which is made with marijuana.

When was marijuana made illegal?

Recreational use of Marijuana in the United States was made illegal in 1937 by the Marijuana Tax Act of that same year.

How is marijuana taken?

Marijuana can be smoked, vaporized or made into edibles.

What is marijuana tar made out of?

Plant (marijuana) resins and unburned material.

What contains a higher THC level than marijuana?

Hashish is concentrated THC. It is made from marijuana (from marijuana resin).

How is legal marijuana made?

same as illegal marijuana. all marijuana is made the same only they use some of it to treat medical conditions and things like that. so basically if you got legal marijuana it would be the exact same stuff as illegal marijuana

Is wax made from marijuana a felony?

Yes. It's still considered marijuana.

What plant is marijuana made of?

A Marijuana Plant of course also known as weed or cannabis.

Why isn't ice cream made of marijuana?

cause marijuana is illegal in some states

What is the difference between marijuana and cocaine?

cocaine is made from coca leaves & marijuana is cannabis

What is hash the drug?

its keef from marijuana somehow made into a solid.. or liquid. its 100% from marijuana

Is there THC in marijuana Tea?

Yes, if the tea is made with marijuana and people have not just named it that.

Where is marijuana made from?

It grows in the ground.

Is the Bill of Rights made from marijuana?


Is hashish made from marijuana?


What is marijuana made up of?

Marijuana is made from a plant called Cannabis. You get "high" from it due mainly to the presence of a chemical called tetrahydrocannabinol.

Where is marijuana made at?

well it can be made anywhere really it is a plant

Is hash made from opium poppy?

No, hashish (hash) is not an opiate drug. It is concentrated THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana). It is made from marijuana, in fact.

Why did the government make marijuana illegal?

The government made marijuana illegal because they can not put a tax on it.

Can ropes be made out of marijuana plants?

No, marijuana plants are a soft bush. Perhaps you are thinking of hemp (Cannibis Sativa), which is a plant of the same family as marijuana.

What is Cannabis made out of?

marijuana... its a natural plant..

Is marijuana made from the peyote cactus?