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Q: What is mastery-focused and performance-focused classroom environments?
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For what purposes might one need a rugged computer?

A rugged computer could come in handy in many situations or environments. Military, classroom, travel and large family settings would be just a few of these environments.

What does traditional classroom learning in a corporate setting look like?

Traditional classroom instruction is similar to most postsecondary learning environments in which an instructor or trainer presents material by lecturing, demonstrating a skill, or leading a discussion.

What has the author Ingrid Crowther written?

Ingrid Crowther has written: 'Creating effective learning environments' -- subject(s): Classroom environment, Education, Preschool, Preschool Education

1. Practical Application of Knowledge: The process of utilizing theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom in real-life situations and environments during study tours.?

Practical Application of Knowledge: The process of using classroom-based theoretical knowledge in real-life situations during study tours.

What is WIHIC?

The WIHIC is an educational survey tool used to study learning environments in school classrooms. It is an acronym for What Is Happening In the Classroom. There are several versions of the survey: class, personal, preferred, actual.

Is classroom a noun?

Yes the word classroom is a noun. It is a common noun.

What is a classroom thermometer?

A "classroom thermometer" is a thermometer assigned to be kept in a specific classroom.

What is classroom etiquette?

Classroom etiquette are rules that apply to a classroom that a teacher gives.

What is a cone shape in your classroom?

what is a cone shape in your classroom what is a spheres shape in your classroom

What is the synonym for classroom?

classroom, schoolroom

What is classroom presentation?

A presentation in a classroom.

What are the two ocean environments?

The Benthic and Pelagic environments are the two main ocean environments.