What is material that can burn called?


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umm im not too sure but i think you may be looking for combustable material??

when people cut down trees it is called slash and when they burn the leftover it is called burn when you combine slash and burn it is slash and burn.

organic material is your mother! OH BURN!

Depending on the material

As a building material - it can burn.

if an object or material, rather, can burn, it is therefore "combustable" "combustability"

to burn coke that will burn the raw material

The ability of something to burn is called flammability.

A substance which has ability to burn is called combustible.

If a material has the ability to burn, it is said to be FLAMMABLE.

Lack of oxygen and/or material to burn.

you could burn it or use it as a building material

A second degree burn (as it's most commonly called) is also what is called Partial-thickness burns to EMS personnel.

All else being equal, for the same material, the more dense it is (i.e. the less air it contains) the slower it will burn.There is no overall general rule relating density of different substances and their burn rate.

i think a wet burn is called a scauld

the genetic material are called DNA

Weathered material is called Erosion

The answer will depend on the material that is burning.

YES IT can burn because man made material

Don't burn all the plastic material

Pretty much any material will burn, unless it is metal. Stone wont really burn either. Textiles will plants and skin will burn along with pretty much everything else.

Duplicated nuclear material is called chromatin.

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