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What is mattyb's name on Movie Star Planet?


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she does not have a movie star planet do it emma

the answer is facebook i love movie star planet that is how i know my name is buddy1645

Movie star planet How do you know that your going to get hacked on movie star planet? Well if you seen movie star planet HACKER you now how she looks so if you see her on your Movie Star Planet log-in do not log-in because shes watching you will your typing in your user name and password. So if you see her on your " Movie Star Planet " login DO NOT LOGIN try a nother time to login if not understand check out "Movie Star Planet HACKER "

Just Download it guyss Add me on movie star plnet My Name Is EmmaGirlz

Cause if you say a cuss word on you name in movie star planet it will turn green because you can use cuss words on movie star planet and if you use a cuss word it will lock you house of ur account for (99989)s for something hours

On movie star planet, they get free stuff by entering a code were it says "Settings" and then shopping and they just leave. After that, you look into there clothes and there it is. If you want the code, ad me. My name on movie star planet is "prettykittykarely". If you want that code, add me. I'll tell you.

Here's a link to a good name generating website.

The Morning and Evening star IS A PLANET. The planet Venus.

If you are talking about the very first movie it's Alderaan.

Yes. his name on it is CodySimpson 143. HAVE FUN!

Search Movie Star Planet in a search engine of your choice, search Movie Star Planet, and search fot the tab that has it's logo after the name (Movie Star Planet) which is Fame, Fortune and Friends. Once this has loaded up, if you havent already created an acount click New User on the right hand side of the screen, and it will lead yo through a couple of easy steps on how to create a movie star, or if you already have an acount, write in your username and password on the right underneath new user. I hope this was useful!

It is very simple to make a look on the game "Movie Star Planet". First, you will need to Movietown. Once you are there, click on "New Look". Finally, you will need to name your new look.

YES search her up her name is demilovato789 and nazrah

his name is im zayn onedirection i added him and it was true

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My planet is Earth. Earth's closest star is the Sun.

You have to find the name of your planet, which is often the name of the star it is going round with a small letter from b onwards. Taking the small letter away gives the name of the star. In the case of Earth (which is my planet) the star is called "Sol".

click on their name and look at your options one of them says stop friendship

i don't know but make a German account ASK ME MY NAME IS HOTTEYBODY

No, it has always Been Msp ( MOVIESTARPLANET ) 👍👍👍😃

yes actually, her user name is Wolves 4 ever.

yes she is her name is amelialily30 try it she is really nice shes my friend

as far as i know i dont think you can. if you want a different name, just make a different user.

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