What is mb an abbreviation for?

MB is an abbreviation for "Megabyte"; 1,048,576 bytes or 1,024 kilobytes of computer memory. Sometimes, incorrectly, used to mean 1 million bytes or 1,024,000 bytes (1,000 kilobytes). Hard drive companies do this all the time because it is cheaper for them to make a drive that can store 500,000,000,000 bytes than it is to make a drive that can store 548,576,000,000 but they fool most consumers via how they label the drive. * Megabit (Mb, or properly: Mbit), a unit of information used, for example, to quantify computer memory or storage capacity * Morning Boner (see Nocturnal penile tumescence) * Bachelor of Medicine, an academic degree (Medicinae Baccalaureus) * Mandalay Bay, a hotel and casino in Las Vegas * Manitoba, Canada * Myrtle Beach, South Carolina * Marching band * Medal of Bravery, Canadian decoration * Mercedes-Benz, a German brand of automobiles, buses, coaches and trucks * Milton Bradley Company, a board game and sometimes video game publisher * Message board * Motherboard * Mount&Blade, a game developed by TaleWorlds * Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic opposition party in Egypt * Martinique's FIPS PUB 10-4 territory code * MNG Cargo Airlines' IATA airline designator * Meridian and Bigbee Railroad's AAR reporting mark * Maurizio Bianchi or MB, an Italian noise musician * Montgomery Burns * Movie Battles, a computer game mod. * MB Club PerĂº - Mercedes Benz Club PerĂº * Mennonite Brethren * Mythbusters * MacBook * Moses Brown School * Megabase, a unit of measurement in genetics. * Mb (digraph) * Millibar, a unit of pressure * Millibarn, a unit of area used in nuclear physics and particle physics * Millibit, a (rare) unit of information equal to one thousandth of a bit [1]