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Television rating point...

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Q: What is mean by T R P?
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In the equine business what does T P R mean?

T= Temperature P= Pulse R= Respiration

What might 15 P I A R V T mean?

Two wheels of a bicycle.

What does Hyph. in a crossword mean?

It means the word the clue is for is usually hyphenated.

Solve each formaul for the indicated variable you equals prt for r?

u = p r t r = u / p t

What does 15 P I A R V T mean?

15 Players In A Rugby Varsity Team

What is ths solution for P equals s r t solve for s?

P=s r t , so, s= P/(st)

How do you find the principal when all you have is the rate the time and the interest?

The answer depends on whether you are dealing with simple interest of compound interest. Suppose P = Principle R = Rate (in % per annum) T = Time (in years) I = Interest Then for simple interest: I = P*R*T/100 so that P = 100*I/(R*T) For compound interest P+I = P*(1+R/100)T so that P = I/[(1+R/100)T - 1]

What has the author J R P McKenzie written?

J. R. P. McKenzie has written: 'T. Mann \\' 'T. Mann \\'

When was P. T. R. Palanivel Rajan born?

P. T. R. Palanivel Rajan was born on 1932-02-27.

What is the answer to the riddle BC wrote R T P and H H?

R T P and H H wrote BC.

What is the proof of transitivity in logic NOT with truth table if p is q and if r is s and either p or r is true therefore either q or s is true?

Prove: [ P -> Q AND R -> S AND (P OR R) ] -> (Q OR S) -> NOT, --- 1. P -> Q ___ hypothesis 2. R -> S ___ hypothesis 3. P OR R ___ hypothesis 4. ~P OR Q ___ implication from hyp 1. 5. ~R OR S ___ implication from hyp 2 6. ~P OR Q OR S ___ addition to 4. 7. ~R OR Q OR S ___ addition to 5. 8. Let T == (Q OR S) ___ substitution 9. (~P OR T) AND (~R OR T) ___ Conjunction 6,7 10. T OR (~P AND ~R) ___ Distribution from 9 11. T OR ~(P OR R) ___ De Morgan's theorem 12. Let M == (P OR R) ___ substitution 13. (T OR ~M) AND M ___ conjunction 11, hyp 3 From there, you can use distribution to get (T AND M) OR (~M AND M). The contradiction goes away leaving you with T AND M, which can simplify to T.

How do you calculate principal when amount rate of interest and time is given?

A = P*(1+R/100)T Where A = amount P = Principal R = Interest Rate (in percentage), and T = Time Since R and T are known, you can calculate (1+R/100)T = k, say. Then A = P*k so that P = A/k