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Q: What is mean by diffraction based on wireless communication?
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How does communication work?

Not sure what you mean by "wire communication". Are we talking like the phone lines, or the physical wires your computer is connected to, or did you mean wireless?

Can sunlight affect wireless computer communication?

I think you mean sun-spots

What does PWCS mean in the Air Force?

Personal Wireless Communication Systems (PWCS)

What is wire communication?

Wired Communication is the transmission of data over a wire-based communication technology. Examples include telephone networks, cable television or internet access and fiber-optic communications.

What does long term evolution mean regarding the Nexus 4 cell phone?

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a type of wireless communication network for cellphones. The Nexus 4 however mainly runs on the HSPA+ wireless communication network.

What does wbi mean on club penguin?

either wireless broadband Internet or web based instructions

What does diffraction mean in science terms?

a wave phenomenon

Who help spread ideas around the world?

Depends what you mean by "ideas". In modern society, it's usually wireless communication such as internet.

What does the phrase the weaker the (sound waves)become mean?

about diffraction of waves

What does the phrase the weaker they (sound waves) become mean?

about diffraction of waves

What does the phrase the weaker they sound waves become mean?

about diffraction of waves

What is electromagenetic spectrum mean?

band of colours obtained by the diffraction of light