What is mean by flecks?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What is mean by flecks?
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What causes black flecks in automatic ice maker ice cubes?

The black flecks seen in icemakers are quite rare.They are a strain of bactirum that are known carcinogens(cancer causing agents).These flecks enter and infect other foods through the air and are undectected by the human eye,unless of course on the ice.Treatment for exposure to this usually ranges from simple chemotherapy and agressive radiation to complete organ Transplants.have a nice day =) word of advice dont trust google

What does gold look like in a stone?

it is very rare when you find gold but if you do they are often found in between rocks or small nuggets or flecks . Gold is soft, and malleable it can be easily cut with a sharp knife. Also, when you think you have found gold it isn't always the color of bright yellow as you imagine.

What colors do you mix with red to make green?

The making of the secondary colour green does not involve the primary colour red. Instead, it involves mixing primary colours blue and yellow together, and to change the shade, adding flecks of the tone colour white (lighter green) and black (darker green).

Ag plus CO3 equals Ag2 plus Co3?

Ag is going to exist in nature as Ag2--no doubt about it. The actual reaction with carbonate is 2AgNO3 (silver nitrate) + Na2CO3 (sodium carbonate) = Ag2CO3 (silver carbonate) plus NaNO3. For some reason you get elemental silver out of this too--which you shouldn't because it's a balanced equation, but Ag2CO3 is yellowish and it's normally got gray flecks in it when you get it.

What does it mean if the chlorine test turns orange - What does it mean?

What does it mean if the chlorine test turns orange - What does it mean ...

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What color is ranch dressing?

White with flecks of seasoning

What is a Neptune garden topaz?

its like a darker blue topaz which has different color flecks in sunlight usually puprle and green flecks. its really really pretty with silver.

How do you get gold on immortal night?

You can go mining, there you will collect gold flecks. Then you would go to smelting and it takes so and so many flecks to make a gold piece. Or you could simply sell stuff for gold.

What bird belongs to a light blue eggs with black flecks on them?

I think a robin.

What is used to make silver?

coins jewellery mirrors

What rhymes with lex?

sex pecks flecks specks bets shets etc....

What rhymes with Chex?

flex, mex, tex, lex, rex, checks, treks, sex, ex, decks, wrecks, flecks flex, mex, tex, lex, rex, checks, treks, sex, ex, decks, wrecks, flecks

Variety of green chalcedony with red flecks also called heliotrope?

bloodstone sqkbrbloodstone

Who is the mother of Foxkit and Icekit?

Ferncloud. (She-cat that is pale gray with darker flecks. Her mate is Dustpelt)

What is the flecks of fat in muscle tissue?

In agriculture, while grading meat, it's called marbling.

What does ashfur look like?

He is a pale gray tom with darker gray flecks, and dark blue eyes.

What color of shirt brings out your eyes best if you have brown eyes with flecks of green?

try blue or purple