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A fresh graduate is a person that has just recently graduated. They usually have little to no skill sets, making them ideal for apprenticeships, entry-level positions, and internships.


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I am a fresh graduate looking for work.

The fresh graduate would have the "book knowledge" for the position required and the company can "mold" the graduate to the systems requirements.

A resume for a fresh graduate should include all work, experience, and volunteer information. Do not include reference information on a resume.

Companies want people with experience which fresh graduates don't have.

For UAE National Graduates Only

graduate trainee is a person who is being trained in specific subject

The average salary of a fresh graduate in retail corporate sector of India is about 30,000 Indian rupees per month. This will increase based on the level of experience they gain over time.

For a fresh Graduate there are various kinds of Aptitude Tests such as the GATE Exam for engineers and the CAT exam for people who would like to pursue their post-graduation in the field of business. It depends on which stream you would like to pursue your Masters.

Many employers like to interview people who are fresh graduates. They like to do this because they can train them early in their career before they have their own ways of doing things.

the symbolic meaning for a phoenix is beauty, and a new beginning ;fresh start

Generally speaking, a jobless graduate refers to a college graduate. It can be any degree, such as a Mater's degree of a Ph.d. The question identifies the situation where a college educated person can find no job.

It means step. Some words are graduate, gradual...

To bring 'fresh eyes' to a problem is to look at it from a previously unconsidered point of view.

The basic salary for a graduate biological science degree holder will be around 40,000 dollars a year. You can quickly move up in your career if you are aggressive.

a bouquet of lovely fresh colourful flowers ! (:

Food that is not preserved by canning or dehydration or freezing or smoking....the fruits and vegetables which are just plucked are fresh food.

The role of an agriculture graduate in development of Indian agriculture is to bring in fresh ideas to the agricultural sector. This will help in improving various agricultural activities and in turn increase production levels.

to obtain a lot of knowledge about computer and develop the next generation of computer society...

I have never heard it used that way

If you mean 'a dumping of powder' this refers to fresh snowfall

This Latin phrase meaning to graduate with great praise, is above cum laude (with praise) and below summa cum laude (with the greatest praise).

The associate and bachelor degrees are referred to as undergraduate coursework. The masters and doctorate degrees are advanced programs of study that follow undergraduate coursework, and are referred to as graduate coursework.

Because we are still in an era of Glaciation meaning most of earth fresh water is in Ice form as Glaciers.

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