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Name: Ayaan

Meaning: Gift of God

Gender: Male

Origin: Arabic

Ayaan word is mentioned in Surah al naml(ants) verse number 65 in the holy Quran

it means the day of judgment , also the Arabic meaning is gift of god

its also a sanskrit word meaning speed.

Günther Schlee seems to translate ayaan as "day." (Chapter: "Loanwords in Oromo and Rendille as a mirror of past inter-ethnic relations." Book: African Languages, Development and the State. Page 201. 1994.)

Mohamed Diriye Abdullahi says, "Ayaan means good luck and destiny, someone who is in good luck and prosperous might be referred to as ayaanle. Ayaan is also a popular name for girls. In the ancient Cushitic religion, the ayaan, or ayana among the Oromo, are good spirits or angels that mediate between god and humans and whose blessings one seeks. As is known from practices among non-Muslim non-Christian Oromo, the chief priest of the Cushitic cult is the qallu." (Book: Culture and Customs of Somalia. Page 65. 2001.)