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Q: What is meaning of prominent landmark?
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How many landmarks are there in new zealand?

A landmark is just a prominent landscape feature, and as such is useful for fixing boundaries, and for naming.

What is the Maori word for Landmark?

Maori words meaning a landmark are:tohutohu whenuapou rahui (a boundary marker)

What is th meaning of prominent?

Prominent is an Adjective and it means standing out, leading, or noticeable.

What makes a landmark a landmark?

A structure that has significant historical, architectural, or cultural meaning and that has been given legal protection from alteration and destruction.

Is Uluru a landmark?

Yes. The definition of a landmark is a feature which is recognisable, and often able to be seen from a distance. Explorers of the late 1800s certainly used it to help pinpoint their location, which is another function of a landmark. Uluru is considered a landmark as it is a large, natural landform in central Australia. It is prominent for the way it rises above the surrounding plain in an otherwise relatively featureless landscape.

What does prominent mean in medical terms?

Prominent in medical terms has the same meaning as in lay terms; it means the feature stands out. For instance, varicose veins are prominent.

What is a good name for a town of cells?

Most towns are named after a famous person or a prominent landmark. If you have a town of cells, you'd need to have a famous cell name or a landmark in the place the cells live. Use your imagination and make up a good name that YOU Like.

How is the meaning of religion as to tie again prominent in Hinduism?

its linked

Is a road a landmark?

That depends on where it is. If there is a single road in a vast stretch of barren desert, then you could say that it is a landmark. If there is a complex web of roads in a big city, then no one road would be a landmark. Think about the meaning of the word landmark: it is something that marks the land. Therefore it has to stand out, be distinctive in some way.

How can l use prominent in a sentence?

Prominent is an adjective meaning outstanding, eminent, distinguished, notable, noticeable, or protruding. Example sentence: A prominent member of the council succeeded in obtaining the needed funding.

Is primarily an adverb?

Yes, it is an adverb meaning in the first or most prominent manner.

What are prominence characteristics?

1 meaning standing out so as to be seen easily; conspicuous; particularly noticeable: Her eyes are her most prominent feature and 2 meaning standing out beyond the adjacent surface or line; projecting. and 3 meaning leading, important, or well-known: a prominent citizen.