What is meaning of two koi fish?

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There are a number of meanings - Yin-Yang, Male/Female, Day/Night, Water/Fire, Sun/Moon.

It all stems from philosophy of taoism.
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What does a koi fish tattoo symbolize?

Koi Tattoos: According to Japanese legend, if a koi succeeded in climbing the falls at a point called Dragon Gate on the Yellow River, it would be transformed into a dragon. Based on that legend, it became a symbol of worldly aspiration and advancement. More generally, the Japanese associate k ( Full Answer )

Does it mean anything when a koi fish is swimming up or down on a tattoo?

Direction of a Koi Tattoo Here are opinions and input from FAQ Farmers on whether the direction of the koi fish is significant: . SOMEONE ACTUALLY SAID THIS: "Yes - when a koi is swimming up on a tattoo it means that the person is either very sexual and/or homosexual. If the koi is swimming down ( Full Answer )

What does a koi fish represent in Japan?

very generally, they represent good luck in japan. in china different numbers of fish, including koi, represent different kinds of luck i.e. 9 koi or 9 fish, means good financial luck. Answer In Japan, the symbolism of koi fish depends on their color. . Yamabuki : The gold fish represents ( ( Full Answer )

Is the spot on a koi fish head the sun and what does it mean?

I have an incomplete answer for this. I just got a tattoo of a koi fish that I designed (without the spot). I got it done in Japan and the tattoo artist decided to add it. He explained to me that it when a koi fish gets older...something something...and that it was very japanese. I has something to ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of a koi fish?

In Japanese, both the words for 'carp' and 'love' are pronounced'koi'. therefore the koi fish can be a symbol of friendship.

What does a koi fish look like?

Koi is a domesticated carp and looks more or less like a wild carp. Koi , however, are generally smaller than wild carp and have been bred so that they are most well viewed from the top. They tend to be not so deep from the dorsal to pectral fins as wild carp. Neither koi nor wild carp stop grow ( Full Answer )

What does the color of a koi fish mean?

The color of a koi fish relates to the family that they belong to.The blue koi fish is known as the asagi, the ogon is gold ororange, and bekko are white, yellow, and red.

How long do koi fish live?

The average lifespan is around 60 years if proper care is given. Some can live even longer, The world record Koi lived to be 226 years old.

What does koi fish with cherry blossoms mean?

Koi fish are a symbol of good fortune. The direction they are swimming has to do with the wearer's personality. Upstream means that one has an outgoing personality, whereas downstream symbolizes more introverted.. Cherry blossoms symbolize life, and how it is ever changing. When done properly, ther ( Full Answer )

What does a tattoo of two koi fish symbolize?

Answer . In Ancient Chinese legend, a tale has it that any Koi fish that overcame the turbulent,dangerous waters of the falls at Dragon gate would be transformed into a dragon. The Koi fish in tattoo imagery is said to show courage and the ability to overcome difficulty with strength and deter ( Full Answer )

Black koi fish meaning?

The black koi fish is representative of the male gender, the sun and evil. Where the white is representative of the female gender, the moon and goodness

What does the direction of a koi fish tattoo mean?

The koi fish swimming up stream means the person is currently in abattle or struggle and are still fighting obstacles but wont giveup. They have overcome obstacles and have now gained the strengththey need to continue against the current. The koi fish swimmingdown stream means they don't yet posses ( Full Answer )

What does two koi fish symbolize?

Two koi fish symbolize yin and yang according to feng shui.Yin andyang complement each other. This creates balance, harmony andhappiness. Thus two koi symbolize harmony, balance and happiness, asymbol of good luck for marriage.

What does it mean when a koi fish is jumping out of the water?

Koi jump out of the water for a variety of reasons. They may justbe playing and having fun or they may be being chased by anotherfish. Sometimes koi will jump out of the water to get oxygen,especially if the tank or pond has poor water quality.

What does a red orange and yellow koi fish tattoo mean?

it means NOTHING. stop looking for meaning in all tattoos. many tattoos are simply whimsical and fun or aesthetically pleasing. they don't all mean things. also, different designs mean different things to different people. there isn't an end all answer. try asking the person it's on what it means to ( Full Answer )

Black koi fish?

The color black in a koi fish means the father, good luck, success, perseverance, determination, honor.

What do koi fish eat?

They eat fish food. You can choose to not feed them at all because Koi are bottomfeeders, and the more you feed them the less algae they will eat.Feeding koi is done only for entertainment reasons. Though if youdo feed them, we recommend not feeding fish more than once a day.The fish have plenty of ( Full Answer )

Is koi fish edible?

Yes according to my Math book is says Mexicans and Asians eat it around 1:40 a.m. !

How much do Koi fish cost?

I know in southern Indiana they can run from $15.00 up to $50.00 - $60.00 depending on the kind of koi, and the condition of the fish.

What does a blue koi fish tattoo mean?

A koi fish tattoo can have many meanings. It can symbolize bravery,romance, strength, power, luck, and friendship. A blue koi fishsymbolizes calmness, and peace.

Is it bad to kill a koi fish?

It is considered very bad luck in the Asian cultures to killkoi....... basically, YEAH YOU GON DIE SISTAH

What is the symbolic meaning of a koi fish?

a koi fish symbolizes determination and transformation. it is said that the koi swims up the waterfall and transforms into a dragon once it reaches the top

Are there aquarium size koi fish?

Koi have been bred/developed by the Japaneese to have colourfull, broad backs for viewing from on top as in a pond type situation. Koi grow very large and are not aquarium fish. If you really must have some kind of carp then get one of the fancy goldfish/shubunkin types.

Koi fish and dragon tattoo meaning?

There are many different possible meanings that could be behind atattoo of a Koi fish and dragon. These could represent power andagility for example.

How often do you feed koi fish?

You only need to feed them the amount they can eat in three minutes once or twice a day. People often overfeed fish but the truth is the fish are not very active in a fish tank cause they have a limited amount of space so they don't need a lot of food. It is never bad to put not enough food in bec ( Full Answer )

When do koi fish eggs hatch?

Depending on temperature it's about 3 days after spawning the ova become wrigglers and completely free swimming in a further 2 days.

Koi fish tattoo pointing up arm means?

I'm not sure if the answer changes based on whether the fish is pointing up the arm, but in general, they symbolize luck. Here's a site with more information if you're curious. http://www.ilovetattoosandpiercings.com/koi-fish-tattoos.html

The meaning of koi fish color?

There is much meaning given to the colours and markings of Koi. I know nothing about this other than it is profound, complicated and is part of Japanese culture and needs much study in order to understand it.

What does Koi fish swimming upstream versus downstream mean?

If the Koi is swimming down, it is because of preference. The story of the Koi was, it swam upstream against the current to reach a calm serene pool in front of the royal palace, where it then transformed into a dragon to protect the King.

What does a koi fish symbolize upstream?

when a koi fish swims upstream and makes it it turns into a magnificent dragon thus a koi fish swimming upstream symbolizes overcoming adversity and realizing/fufilling our fullest potential

Can koi fish eat bannannas?

Yes koi fish can eat bannannas but only in very little pieces. koi fish can actually eat any type of good comon fruit. the only fruit that i know that they can not eat is grape fruit.

How big do butterfly koi fish get?

Up to 36 inches(3ft) make sure that if you have more than one to have a nice big pond for it, like the ones you get at walmart. 50-100 gallons are perfect.

How big are koi fish?

Koi get anything from 2 foot to 4 foot long, they are huge chunky fish!

What does the direction of a koi fish mean in tattooing?

Well koi fish symbolise strength and courage, and the legend and myth behind the koi fish is that it swims upstream to turn into a dragon. The Dragon symbolises the end of a journey and overcoming the obstacle you faced. Therefore a Koi swimming upstream symbolises faceing a problem and being on a q ( Full Answer )

How do you sex koi fish?

Male Koi will have white tubercles on their gill plates and on the tops of their pectoral fins. White tubercles are basicly little white pimples. They are hard to see from the surface so the easiest way to see them is to catch them in a large net and gently run your finger along their gill plate, if ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to dream of koi fishes?

Koi generally are ornamental fish whose only purpose is to be admired for their beauty. Dreams represent the feelings of the dreamer. So this dream might express the dreamer's feeling of being valued only for his/her appearance rather than being respected as a full person.

What does the koi fish symbolize and were did it originate from?

Koi are a form of carp found in East Asia where they were originally farmed as a food fish. The name Koi means carp in Japanese and the word koi also means love in Japanese, same as Row (number of things in straight line) and Row (a noisy quarrel) in english.

Where are Koi fish normally found?

Koi fish are related to goldfish, soo id say how good u take care of it. top life span is about 10 years

What does it mean to dream of koi fish swimming around the moon?

Both the moon and the koi have rich varieties of symbolic meaning, so the dreamer of this specific dream will need to discern how the metaphor in this dream applies to his/her life. > Among other things, the koi represents determination and strength, particularly the ability to "go against the flow ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of white koi fish?

White koi fish are absolutely gorgeous, they represent a peak into your soul. A peak so deep it's like pulling back your skin. I highly recommend getting this tattoo, in white ink. Because if you get it in black ink it wont be a white fish.

What does 9 red koi fish tattoo mean?

Unless the number of Koi is meant to be the number of people within that person's family, then nothing. As I always say, a lot of tattoos are meant as decoration solely, and many don't have "meanings" per se. It could simply be that 9 is the person's favorite number, it was meant to fill in the spac ( Full Answer )

In which country does the koi fish live?

Koi fish can live in almost any country. Koi are thought to be originally from Japan. Many people have outdoor fish ponds in which Koi are the dominant fish.