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Brim Measures for the Determination of the Volume of Flowable Solids

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The original saying was "Fill it to the rim with Brim" and it was from a coffee commercial for Brim coffee. It meant "fill your coffee cup to the rim with Brim coffee".

Fill a vessel to the brim, stick it in the freezer. When frozen, observe how the surface of the ice now bulges over the brim of the vessel.

I measured the contents of 3 'Glasses' in my kitchen. When full to the brim they all held different volumes, namely 270ml, 300ml, and 350ml. This proves that a glass has no specific volume and should never be used as a unit of measure. In Hotels they use Glasses which must legally hold an accurate volume of Liquor, but domestic Glasses can vary greatly in capacity (volume in ml.)Also, we never fill a glass brim full , we always fill it to about 1cm below the brim or rim. I suggest that for cooking purposes that I would consider a 'Glass' as having a volume of 250ml which is the volume of most standard CUPS when they are brim full. Officially, a standard cup is supposed to have a volume of 227 ml which is it's volume when the contents are about 5mm from the rim. Edit: A standard Cup volume is 236.5882ml.

where is the answer to what is meant by each of the following terms:cell volume, surface area, ratio of surface area to volume?

I filled the cup right up to the brim. The brim of the hat is curled nicely.

Fill a cup to the brim with water. Put egg in water (it should sink), capturing all of the overflow of water. Measure volume of water. This volume will match the egg's volume. Sinking objects displace volume, floating objects displace mass.

Amount of space available than an object can hold at maximum. For example, a glass of milk filled all the way to the brim. The milk is the volume.

Yes it does. We know this because if you have a pump that is filled to the brim with water and try to pump, you will be incapable of doing so.

The cup was filled till the brim

Madison Brim is the daughter of Misa Hylton and JoJo Brim and is the sister of Diddy's son Justin Combs

Niko brim is 13 years old :)

No. It is not true to say that Steelo Brim is gay.

Sterling Brim goes by Steelo.

Water displacement method. Fill a displacement flask with water to the brim. Next, slowly submerge the entire object into the displacement flask. The volume of water displaced is the volume of the object.

You cannot calculate volume of surface area. If you meant 20m3, then the volume would be 20,000 litres.

it's called a brim it's called a brim

John Brim died on 2003-10-01.

John Brim was born on 1922-04-10.

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One way would be to get a container into which you could put the rock completely, fill it to the brim with water (without the rock in it), then put the rock in and measure the volume of the water that flowed out.

Displacement. Fill a basin to the brim and put it into an empty basin. Drop the rock in and measure out the water that falls into the second basin. This equals the volume