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Indicators used outside the titration flask are termed as external indicators. A very commonly used external indicator is potassium ferricyanide

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Q: What is meant by External Indicator used in titration?
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What is phenolthphalein?

An indicator used in titration to test basicity. An indicator used in titration to test basicity.

What is meant by pH indicator?

A pH indicator is a substance that changes color at a certain pH and is generally used in titration experiments to indicate the end point.

The purpose of an indicator in a titration experiment?

The indicator is used to measure the end point of titration. Methyl red and phenolphthalein are frequently used indicators in acid-base titration. Potassium permanganate can used as a self indicator in redox titrations where applicable.

Why is the phenolphthalein used in the titration experiment?

as an indicator

What is difference between external and internal indicators used in titration?

Internal indicators that are used in titration exist in the titration reaction as either a reactant or a product. External indicators is added to the reaction mixture, but does not exist in the reaction.

Why is phenolphthalein indicator used in the titration of oxalic acid against sodium hydroxide?

Yes. Phenolphthalein can be used as an indicator for the titration of a weak acid (oxalic acid) against strong base (sodium hydroxide).

Why is phenolphthalein used in the titration experiment?

it is used as an acid-base indicator

Which indicator is used in titration of naoh and h2so4?

Methyl orange

Why in titration of kmno4 no indicator is used?

Because KMnO4 is an internal indicator.. No need to have any indicator.. it has distinctly different colour when it is reduced

Indicators for precipitation titration involving silver nitrate the fajan's method?

fluorescein can be used as indicator in the titration of silver and chlorided

Why is an indicator not used in a redox titration?

Because the endpoints are easily observed.

What are different types of indicator used in titration?

phenolphthalein is one i know.

Is phenolpthalen an indicator?

Yes - it's used in acid-base titration.

Which indicator is used for the titration of weak acid and strong base?

Phenopthalene is used commonly

Why is thymol blue used as the indicator for titration of acetic acid and naoh?

An indicator that changes its colour around pH value 5 should be used in this titration. Alternatively, instead of Thymol Blue, Methyl Orange or Methyl Red may be used.

Why starch is used as indicator in iodometric titration?

Starch is not used in order to do this. This is because starch is able to form a complex along with the iodine and this is the indicator.

Why are external indicators used in titration of estimation of purity of alcohol?

because external indicators are weak acids or bases and alcohol itself being a weak acid will react with it if it is used in vessel with them..... hence the titration is done using external indicators....

What is phenolphthalein used for?

Phenolphthalein is used a s a laxative and also used as a acid -base indicator in titration.

What creteria is used for chosing an indicator in acid base titration?

pH range of indicator should be in the rapid pH gradient.

Why are only a few drops of indicator used in a titration?

Answer this question... dnt know

When do you know endpoint of titration?

when the colour of the indicator used is the color it should be in neutral

What is another example of indicator that used in titration with EDTA?

eriochome black T

What is external indicator?

an external indicator is a device that indicates something like temperature measurement which can be used outside / externally

What is the equation of titration with methyl orange?

The equation of titration with methyl orange is C14H14N3NaO3S. Methyl orange is a pH indicator that is often used in titration, which is a laboratory method of quantitative chemical analysis.

Describe a method to visually detect the end point of a titration without the use of instruments?

The method used most often in chemistry labs is by use of a pH indicator in the sample being titrated. When you reach the titration point, the indicator will change colors, demonstrating the end point of the titration.