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It means no numbers, punctuation or any other symbols.

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Q: What is meant by alphabetic characters in name only?
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What is alphabetic check?

ensures that user enters only alphabetic data into the field.

What is alphanumeric coding?

Alphanumeric characters include all letter and number characters. Three codes for this may be lowercase letter, uppercase letter, and digit.

What does w - x mean written virtically?

Unfortunately we cannot see the formatting of your mathematical expression. Please resubmit using alphabetic characters and punctuation only so that answerers can read the question.

Why do meteorologists use the Greek alphabet to name the Atlantic hurricanes?

They only do that in years where there are more hurricanes than alphabetic names assigned. It is an arbitrary convention.

How do you detect whether an AA string has only alphabetic characters?

Test each character individually: bool is_alphabetic (char* str) { char c; while ((c=*str++) != '\0') // read a character and advance to the next until c is the null-terminator if ((c<'a' c>'z') && (c<'A' c>'Z')) return false; // c is a non-alphabetic character return true; // all characters were within the range ['a':'z'] or ['A':'Z'] }

What does x y equal in chemical equations?

It appears that some symbols may be missing from your question. When you resubmit your question please take care to write them using only alphabetic characters so that answerers can see them.

How many characters can a Twitter username be?

There is no minimum number of characters that a Twitter username has to have. You can have a username with only one character, if you would like. There is a maximum number of characters that a username can have, though. A username cannot be longer than 15 characters.

A file name can have a maximum of 255 characters, including spaces The only characters not allowed are the?

space or hypen

A file name can have a maximum of 255 characters including spaces The only characters not allowed are the?

space or hypen

Can you rename diablo characters?

No. You can only name them once and that's at the beginning.

The difference between numeric and alphabetic?

alphabets contains only the letters from a-z while alphanumeric has both numbers and letters... example... ABCDEFGHIJ are alphabets A4F54F54F5G AND 3F3FS34TH3 are both alphanumeric... alphanumeric are commonly used as passwords since they are more difficult to crack that words or numbers separately...

Will there be a sixth fablehaven book?

Brandon Mull meant to only write 5 books, but he might put the characters in a new series.