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What is meant by an agency cost?

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How much will it cost to rent a car in Missouri?

As much as the agency charges. It depends on vehicle type, agency, insurance cost, and use expectations.

What is meant cost categories in tally 9.0?

cost categories

What is the cost for insurance for a nurse staffing agency?


Is research and development a product cost?

No. They are only considered a product cost when contracting with a governmental agency.

What is meant by marginal cost?

marginal cost is extra cost to produce one extra unit

What are cheap modeling agencies?

There is no such thing as a cheap modeling agency. It doesn't cost anything to sign with a legit and reputable agency. If you come across an agency that tries to charge you upfront fees then chances are they are not a real agency.

What is meant by transmission cost?

no one has answered this

How do adopted dog cost?

It will vary from the animal adoption agency and breed. Average cost is about $100 to $200.

What is meant by headhunting?

In modern industrial countries, a "headhunter" is a recruiter for an employment agency. That person actively searches for candidates to fill available positions at the company that contracts with the employment agency.

What is revenue and cost?

Cost means price of a commodity which a consumer has to pay in order to get any service from a specific agency. Cost is variable in nature and changes according to demand of goods and supply. While the total profit of an agency in yearly basis is known as revenue.

What is meant by the term government?

a group pf leaders or an agency with authority to control/direct the affairs of a country

What is meant by cost of production?

cost of production is the amout of money spend on the production of a perticular comodites.

How much does alcohol related collisions cost society annually?

It depend on who you ask and what is meant by cost.

What is meant by overhead allotment?

overhead allotment means the charging of overheads to cost units or cost centres.

Does an estate agency have a right to charge for the lease cost?

Yes they do have the right to. All the rights

How much would a ten day tour of Peru cost?

The cost of a ten day tour of Peru varies from location to location and travel agency to travel agency. One should contact different travel agencies to determine the price.

Does it cost to put baby up for adoption?

No, generally legal expenses are taken care of by the private adoption agency via the adopting parents or the state agency in charge.

What of the negative outcomes of restructuring is that?

The agency may lose some valuable and dedicated employees in the process. Does the agency consider the cost effectiveness of a restructure? Consider the staff time and costs incurred at re-evaluation. What is the agency trying to achieve?

What is meant by the unit cost in linear programming problem?

It is the cost of one item - usually to produce but sometimes to purchase.

What is meant by ordering cost?

Any cost which is incurred to order material from supplier or within company from warehouse to manufacturing place is called ordering cost.

What is meant by cost unit?

Cost unit is that department in company which causes the cost to allocate the product like manufacturing department, administration department etc.

How much does it cost to get a talent agent?

You won't have to pay anything to get into a talent agency you will have to pay 10% of what your payed when they get you a job. If they want you to pay them just to get into their agency you are getting ripped of and should not do it because that means that the place your in Isn't really a talent agency

How much do the Mark Jermin T-shirts cost?

i am not sure is any one on the agency

What is an auto-insurance quote?

It's the cost of the insurance policy that is "quoted" to you by the insurance agency.