What is meant by body in motion?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What is meant by body in motion?
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What is meant by motion in straight line?

path traced by the body is in the form of straight line

What is meant by the amplitude of a body performing simple harmonic motion?

The absolute value of the distance "crest to trough" perpendicular to the direction of propagation of the motion.

What is meant by episodic and motion to sever?

In criminal law: What is episodic & Motion to Sever?

A net force changes the state of?

A net force on a body can stop the motion of a body , can create the motion of a body and can change the direction of motion of a body .

Is abody at rest in uniform motion?

no when the body the body is in motion only

What is motion and no motion?

When an object changes its position with respect to time, then the body is said ti be in 'motion'. When the body is at rest, it is state of 'no motion'.

What is meant by oscillatory?

To-and-fro motion of an object about a fixed point is known as Oscillatory motion.

What is the difference between linear motion and random motion?

Linear Motion is motion of object/body along a straight line.Random Motion is the motion of an object/body along a disordered or irregular line.

What is meant by the inertia of matter?

Inertia is the inability of a body to move from rest or stop/change the motion of a moving object without the help of any external forces.

Meaning of the curvilinear motion?

when a body moves along a curved line , the motion described by the body is called curvilinear motion

What is the force which tends to present motion between two surfaces called?

If you meant "prevent" motion, rather than "present" motion, the answer is friction.

How do you describe inertia?

the tendency of a body at rest to remain at rest and of a body in motion to remain in motion