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a gradual change in the concentration of solutes in a solution as a function of distance through a solution. 2. the gradual difference in the concentration of solutes in a solution between two regions. In Biology, a gradient results from an unequal distribution of ions across the cell membrane. When this happens, solutes move along a concentration gradient. This kind of movement is called diffusion.

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What is meant by the term gradient?

Difference in concentration of a substance at 2 areas is called gradient , and it allows diffusion .

Why is diffusion affected by a decrease in concentrated gradient?

Diffusion is affected by a decrease in concentration gradient because concentration gradient is directly proportional to the rate of diffusion. A decrease in concentration gradient also lowers the rate of diffusion.

What is main idea of diffusion?

diffusion is the movement of a substance with respect to concentration and gradient a substance traveling with the concentration gradient ( simple diffusion) a substance traveling against the concentration gradient (active diffusion)

For diffusion to occure there must be?

Diffusion Gradient

What is meant by the term concentration gradient?

The definition of concentration gradient is a slow measured change in the concentration of solutes in solutions that is between regions. Solutes move along a concentration gradient in a movement called diffusion.

A requirement for all diffusion processes to occur?

The primary requirement for diffusion to occur is the presence of a concentration gradient. It is this concentration gradient that drives diffusion.

Why does diffusion move down the concentration gradient?

Diffusion moves down the concentration gradient because of the kinetic energy that drives diffusion entirely . A concentration gradient is the difference in the molecules across a distance .

Photosynthesis relies on gas defusion briefly describe the process of gas diffusion and explain what is meant by concerntration gradient?

well concentration gradient is when both sides are evened out and if both sides are evened out then they are withconcentration gradient but when they are not evened they are against concentration gradient!

Diffusion continues until there is no?

Concentration gradient. After there's no concentration gradient, equilibrium occurs, which means no more diffusion.

The greater the concentration gradient the faster the diffusion rate?

Generally yes - diffusion will be faster if the concentration gradient is greater.

What must there be for diffusion to occur?

a gradient

What does diffusion require?

A concentration gradient

Concentration gradient has to do with diffusion?

Yes it does.

How diffusion will occur?

diffusion is occur when different concentration gradient is applied

What does passive diffusion require?

Passive diffusion requires a concentration gradient.

Simple diffusion and facilitated diffusion are related in that both?

depend on a concentration gradient

What is the principle which determines the direction of diffusion?

The concentration gradient is what determines the direction of diffusion.

What passive process does not require a concentration gradient diffusion osmosis bulk filtration or facilitated diffusion?


Diffusion continues until there is no what?

concentration gradient

Diffusion continues until there is no .?

concentration gradient

Does simple diffusion follow a concentration gradient?

Simple diffusion does follow a concentration gradient. Simple diffusion moves small or lipid-soluble solutes through the membrane without the aid of a protein.

Define term gradient give definition of fick's law?

Fick's laws of diffusion describe diffusion and can be used to solve for the diffusion, the concentration gradient (spatial derivative), or in simplistic terms the concept.

What is needed to for facillitated diffusion to occur?

Diffusion is facilitated by concentration gradient, temperature and pressure.

What is an example of diffusion in a sentence?

The rate of diffusion is determined by the permeability of the membrane and the concentration gradient.

What is necessary for simple diffusion?

1, concentration gradient 2. diffusion constant >0