What is meant by locally significant?

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Why are mapped drive letters so locally significant?

A mapped drive provides a pointer to a network resource,but mapped drive letters are said to be locally signification only.what do you think is meant by locally significant ? Means you map a network drive and it shows on your computer as drive G. someone else maps it and it can show up as drive K. the only significance is to your computer.

What is mean by locally significant?

butoh pak ang!!soalan macam haram!!

What is the significant figure of 10?

I think you meant how many significant figures are in 10? The answer is one.

What is meant by significant figures in measurement?

In any measurement, the accurately known digits and the first doubtful digits are called significant figures.

How would you know if your significant other is your life partner?

if it seems like its meant to be!

What is the antonym of locally?

The antonym of locally is generally.

What is meant by salt in air?

This is a significant concentration of salt in air (as solid aerosols or NaCl solution aerosols)..

How do you spell Locally?

The word, locally, is spelt correctly in the question.

What other aspects made Phoenician trade significant?

It developed from trading Phoenician goods int carriage trade - that is shipping locally-produced goods between other centres.

Does a 5 sided flower mean anything?

There is no significant meaning to a flower with 5 sides, though I am not sure if this is what you meant.

What is meant by a continuous spectrum?

A continuous spectrum has only non significant small peaks, due to statistical errors.

What is Vienna called locally?

Locally, Vienna is called Wien (pronounced veen).

Banks that are locally owned and operated?

Credit union

Why was the creation of a written law code in the Roman Republic significant?

It meant that the laws would be applied fairly to all people.

What is a good sentence for the word locally?

Shopping locally improves a community's commerce and economy.

What part of speech is locally?

The word locally is an adverb. It means to do something in a local manner.

Why is coal imported?

Because it is cheaper to do that, than to get it out of the ground locally. Assuming it is available locally.

Where can you buy these products locally?

I don't see what you're trying to show.

Are all Hilbert Spaces Locally Compact?

No. Every infinite dimensional topological vector space is not locally compact. See the Wikipedia article on locally compact spaces.

What does 'Locally sourced' mean?

It means that the business is located locally, how locally could mean, however, the same town or the surrounding state, county, or country.

Why was david farraguts capture of new orleanes significant?

It meant that the confederacy could no longer use the river to carry its goods to sea

Does saggitarius and Pisces match?

dont worry about your astronomical sign worry about if you and your possible significant other are compatable. if its meant to be then it will work out fine.

Why do you need to develop the rainforests sustainably globally and locally?

how to promote software globally, regionally and locally?

How would you use locally in a sentence?

Lola's and Elsie's business of selling milk was made locally.

What is a sentence using locally?

You should buy locally instead of importing produce from far away.