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Melanin shields the nucleus from damage by ultraviolet radiation. It keeps this radiation from damaging the skin and DNA. It also gives color to your skin, hair, and irises. Melanin is a pigment which gives characteristic color to skin. Its main role is to absorb harmful UV radiations and protect our skin cells from damage. It determines the color of your skin. Melanin colors hair, skin, eyes, feathers, etc.

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The general function of melanin in our skin is to protect and secure skin and skin cells from harmful ultraviolet rays and rays coming from sun. It contains infinite cells known as melanocytes which increase their production of melanin in response to sun exposure.

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i think it protects our skin from the harmful uv rays

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Q: What is melanin and what does it determine?
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What pigment determine skin color?

The pigment which determines skin color is melanin.

What determines your eyes color besides genteics?

Genes are what determine the color of a persons eyes. However, the concentration of the melanin in the iris of the eye helps determine the pigmentation of the color.

What is dark pigment of the body called?

melanin is black pigment found in the epidermisMelaninMelanin

Is there melanin in melanocytes?

Melanocytes produce melanin.

How does hair get its color?

From the genes from your parents.The colour of your hair is determined by your genes. The colour is made of melanin. It is the pigment that is also responsible for the colour of your skin and is produced in the hair follicle.The amount of melanin and red somethings determine the color of your hair. if you have no melanin in your hair, it would be white. the reproduction of melanin slows as you age, which is why old people have grey hair. Same goes for skin, which is why albinos are completely white.

How do you inherit your hair color?

A persons pigment called melanin gives the skin and hair it's color. In hair melanin is found in the cortex which is the hair second layer. Genes in a human body determines the number of melanocytes in the hair and the type of melanin it produces. The size and type of melanosomes will determine the natural color of the hair. There are two types of melanin, eumelanin(brown/black) and pheomelanin (red).

Is the components of hemoglobin pigments or melanin?

Heme part of hemoglobin is pigmented part.

What provides a natural sunscreen?


What pigments contribute to skin color?

melanin and carotene Carotene Melanin The chemical is called melanin.

Darkening chemical in skin that determines skin color?

Hormones have nothing to do with human skin color. Melanin, a pigment, determines skin color by the amount of it present in the skin. The more melanin, the darker the skin.

Where does skin get its colour from Melanin Serotonin or or Insulin?


Does glycerin reduce melanin in your body?

no it increases melanin