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According to the official Twitter Help Center a mention is "any Twitter update that contains "@username" anywhere in the body of the Tweet".

Users will often see hundreds or thousands of tweets a day in their Twitter feed. Mentioning a user in your tweet means they will be able to see it in their "@ Connect" section on the top of the Twitter page.

You would usually mention a user if you are directing the Twitter update (tweet) to that specific user OR you want them in particular to see this tweet.

If you include more than one @username in your tweet, all of those users will see the Tweet in their "@ Connect" section.

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Q: What is mention in Twitter?
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How do you use mention in Twitter?

To mention someone on Twitter, type @ followed by the person's username. For example - @myusername

How do you respond to a mention on twitter?

you press reply....

How do you get someones attention on twitter?

Compose a tweet and mention them in it.

Will people on Twitter know if you have retweeted them?

Yes, you can actually know if someone retweet or mention you in twitter. It is a default feature in twitter and every tweeple (twitter people) can know who followed and mentioned them.

Does legacy has a girlfriend?

no he does not but he did mention on his twitter account that he is looking for a "new girl"

How can you contact Eminem?

If want to contact Eminem and you do not have his number you can opt to use Twitter. Compose a tweet and mention him. He will see your mention.

How do you post on someones twitter wall?

First of all, Twitter doesn't have a wall but you can mention them. You just put the persons user name ( @twitter ) and the tweet goes to that person

How do you mention people on Twitter?

When you mention someone on Twitter, you either click 'reply' on one of their tweets or you open their profile and write your tweet in the box provided. You can also simply mention in your tweet with "@username". Take care there's no space between their username and the @ sign though.

How do you tag all followers on Twitter?

You can't, you can mention individual users in your tweets.

When you follow somebody on Twitter what do they do?

They can either follow you back or not . they can direct message you or mention you in a tweet .

How do you reply to a mention on a protected account on Twitter?

Even though the account is protected, you can still mention people normally by writing their username (@username) in your tweet.

How can i chat to a celeb on Twitter?

you have to mention them. For example "@theiraccountnamehere" and you can send them a message that way. Sometimes they reply, but not always.

What does mention a person mean in Twitter?

Mentioning a person means you include their username in your tweet. This is in the form of '@username'

Does a mention show up on someone's Twitter if they're not following you?

Yes, it will still appear in their @mentions tab.

Can I send messages to who doesn't follow me on twitter?

nope. You can't send them direct messages but you can mention them on one of your tweets.

Can people on twitter that don't follow you see when you mention them if you have a private profile?

if your profile is privatised than no but if its not privatised then yes they can

Why do you have to put the at symbol before someones name on Twitter?

Because it's called an "at" reply, or a mention. So they use the @ symbol.

Can people that don't follow you on Twitter but you mention see your tweets?

If your profile/tweets are not protected then anyone can see your tweets.When you mention someone in your tweet, that tweet will always appear in their @replies tab whether they are following you or not.

What happens when someone blocks you on twitter?

All what happens is that you can't favorite or retweet their tweets, but when you mention them, it won't show up in their notifications.

How do you mention several people on Twitter?

@User1 @User2 @user3 @User4 Just take care that there is no space between @ sign and the username.

Is it possible to block all comments from anyone other than the person whom you actually follow on 'Twitter'?

Unfortunately this isn't possible as anyone can mention your username in a tweet. You can only block individual users, not everyone.

When you tweet on twitter will that someone be the only one seeing it?

If you mention someone in a tweet, it can still be seen by everyone. Only direct messages are private.

How do you do a Twitter shout out?

They're actually called "replies", "mentions", along with "@replies." (At replies.) Mentioning another Twitter user is very simple. All you have to do is use @TwitterUsername, to mention the person. If you use a mention at the beginning of a tweet, it will not show up in the timeline of your followers. However, if you were to place it anywhere else in a tweet, others would be able to see it in their timeline.

What are the negative aspects of twitter?

As most users mention, Twitter can be both a blessing and a curse. For those who do not have a social media interest/background, that can become a curse. However, for those who know the basic rules of using Twitter for businesses, it is a true blessing. read more on this topic on our blog post:

Does 140 characters include your Twitter username?

No it doesn't include your username. However, any usernames that you mention in your tweet are included in the 140 character limit.