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Concept of micro culture definedMicro Culture: Is a small unit of culture within a wider general culture. It is the identity and traits of a particular people within a dominant culture that is never lost to assimilation. It is the customery beliefs, social forms and material traits of a racial, religious or social group.Example: The native Americans within the wider of the usa.Chinemere Cralph


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Q: What is micro culture?
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What is micro propagation?

tissue culture

What is the difference between subculture and micro culture?

A subculture is a culture that is hidden or beneath the principal culture e.g. the hippie subculture in San Francisco in the 60s. A micro culture is a very small, specialized component of the main culture e.g. Korean restaurant owners within the immigrant population of San Francisco.

The term culture refers to the rapid growth of microorganisms in a what?

term culture , refers to the rapid growth of micro-organisms in an incubator

Recent technologies in asexual plant reproduction?

Tissue culture or micro-propagation

Is micro propagation is method of tissue culture?

yes micropropagation is the method of tissue culture in which we produce high quality plants and in bulk amount i.e. clones.

How micro environment affect an organisation's operations?

The micro environment, such as a company's culture, determines how processes work. Managers and employees make the products and based on their processes, businesses can fail or be successful.

Why is glycerol use in preservation of culture of microorganism?

Glycerol slows down the metabolic activity of the micro organism.

What is the purpose of autoclaving in media preparation?

Autoclaving is used to kill all micro-organisms that are in the culture. Autoclaving is usually carried out at 121 deg C with steam under 2 atmospheres of pressure. A clean culture free of all micro-organisms is essential as you only want the organism of intrest to grow.

What is micro cutting?

Micro-cutting propagation is basically a stem cutting technique which uses cuttings from the juvenile mother plants. The juvenile mother plants are obtained either from micro propagated materials 9 tissue culture) or from seeds. The micro-cutting technique is suitable for most of the tree species including those that are difficult to propagate.

Why is cotton used as plugs for glass wares containing culture medium?

because cotton plugs permits the air to enter the culture medium but it traps the dust & other micro orgs from entering

What is macro screening?

what is micro screening

How propagation of plants through synthetic seeds is different from micro-propagation?

tissue culture is diff 4m synthetic seed technology............. synthetics seeds r produced through tissue culture methods. tissue culture provides explants 4 synthetic seeds. the explant may b shoot tip / somatic embryo/embryo..........

What is a prefix meaning very small?

micro, i.e. micro-scopic, micro-organism, micro-dot, etc.

Macro and micro environment of marketing?

micro and micro environmental factors

What is a easy definition for micro villi?

A micro villi is a micro villi

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Micro- = 1/1000000 milli- = 1/1000 micro < milli ■

What is smaller a milliliter or micro liter?

A micro liter. A milliliter is one thousand micro liters.

Difference between micro operation and micro instruction?

difference between micro operation and microinstruction

What are the DISADVANTAGES of micro-organisms?

What is micro-organisms?

if your Trio Stealth G2 Android 4.1 has a Micro HDMI port on it then yes. But it will not fit if what you have is Micro USB and not Micro HDMI.?

if your Trio Stealth G2 Android 4.1 has a Micro HDMI port on it then yes. But it will not fit if what you have is Micro USB and not Micro HDMI.

Describe The Difference Between Macro-environment Forces And Micro-environment Forces?

The micro-environment refers to the forces that are close to the company and affect its ability to serve its customers. It includes the company itself, its suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customer markets, competitors, and public. The macro-environment refers to all forces that are part of the larger society and affect the micro-environment. It includes concepts such as demography, economy, natural forces, technology, politics, and culture.

What is a micro oranism?

what is a micro organism

How do antibiotics affect the micro-organism?

The body is full of micro-organism performing a number of important jobs, especially in regards to digestion. Many antibiotics can kill these helpful organisms in addition to the ones making you sick. If too many of them are killed and not replaced through culture therapy, it can cause other illness symptoms such as diarrhea and stomach pain.

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micro controller contain system on chip memory, timers,counters where as a micro processor doesn't contain all these

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