What is microscope?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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a microscope is an instrument which is used for viewing the things/organisms in detail which can not be seen by a naked eye.

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There are tons of things that are microscopic, such as bacteria, viruses and cells. Anything too small to see with the human eye would be considered "microscopic."

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Q: What is microscope?
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What is microscope tube in microscope?


What came first electron microscope or light microscope?

compound light microscope - cell theory - electron microscope

What are the various KINDS of a microscope?

Stereomicroscope, Compound Microscope, Phase-contrast microscope, electron microscope, Scanning-electron microscope, Transmission electron microscope, Confocal-scanning microscope. THESE ARE JUST SOME. :)

What are the several types of microscope? microscope 2.stereo microscope 3.compound microscope 4.electron microscope 5.laboratory microscope

What is an example of a simple microscope?

A light microscope is an optical microscope. That differentiates it from an electron microscope, a quantum mechanical tunneling microscope and others.

What is a microscope in science?

There is a compound light microscope, an scannignn electron microscope, and transmission electron microscope.

How many microscope are there?

There are six different types of microscopes used in the life science. There is the light microscope, phase contrast microscope, fluorescent microscope, electron microscope, atomic force microscope, and scanning tunnelling microscope.

How many types of microscope are?

There are many. Simple microscope, compound microscope, light microscope, scanning electron microscope, Transmission Electron Microscope, Dissection microscope, etc,but all together there are about 20 different types of microscopes.

What type of microscope would be best to use to look at different cells or organelles?

scanning electron microscope

Which tool enhances a scientists senses?


What is a SEM microscope?

A SEM microscope is a scanning electron microscope

What is different types of microscope?

There are several type of microscopes, mainly, the one that we use in lab is a simple light microscope or a compound microscope. Then we have the phase contrast microscope, fluorescent microscope, electron microscope (transmission electron microscope [TEM] and scanning electron microscope [SEM]), confocal microscope and even dissection microscope the one which we use during dissections.