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Minority interest is when you own less than 50% of a company

Minority interest (also known as Non-controlling interest) in business is an accounting concept that refers to the portion of a subsidiary corporation's stock that is not owned by the parent corporation. The magnitude of the minority interest in the subsidiary company is always less than 50% of outstanding shares, else the corporation would cease to be a subsidiary of the parent. Minority interest belongs to other investors and is reported on the consolidated balance sheet of the owning company to reflect the claim on assets belonging to other, non-controlling shareholders. Also, minority interest is reported on the consolidated income statement as a share of profit belonging to minority shareholders.

Minority interest is an integral part of the enterprise value of a company.
Under IFRS the minority interest (non-controlling interest) is reported in the Equity section of the consolidated balance sheet. Under US GAAP, minority interest appears as a separate component in shareholders' equity.

If ABC Corp. owns 90% of XYZ inc, which is a $100 million company, on ABC Corp.'s balance sheet, there would be a $10 million liability in minority interest account to represent the 10% of XYZ Inc. that ABC Corp does not own.
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What is Profit after Tax and Minority Interest?

Minority interest (also known as Non-controlling interest ) in business is an accounting concept that refers to the portion of a subsidiary corporation's stock that is not owned by the parent corporation. The magnitude of the minority interest in the subsidiary company is always less than 50% of o ( Full Answer )

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Minority interest (also known as Non-controlling interest ) in business is an accounting concept that refers to the portion of a subsidiary corporation's stock that is not owned by the parent corporation. The magnitude of the minority interest in the subsidiary company is always less than 50% of o ( Full Answer )

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