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its when the woman lies on her back face up and the man lies facing down on top of her. the mans legs are usually in between the womans legs so they can have intercourse

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:04:40
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Q: What is missionary sex?
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What is the most popular sex act?


Have you ever had missionary?

I presume you mean 'Have you ever had sex in the so-called missionary position?'. The answer is yes. The question could be read as asking if you have ever eaten a missionary.

What sex do women like best?

Vaginal. Usually the missionary or spooning.

What sport is the oldest and still existing?

Sex. Oldest Position? Missionary.

What does glittery black jelly bracelet?

It means that the wearer is willing to have 'missionary' sex.

Can gay people have missionary style sex?

Yes. It's quite easy.

Is vic from pierce the veil gay?

Yes him and jaime had sex and then mike walked in on them when they were in the missionary position

What does the Bible say about the missionary position?

A:The 'missionary position' is never mentioned in the Bible. This name came about much later, because the Christian missionaries had sex with native women in a position that was unfamiliar to them.

What are some sex potions?

Missionary style, doggy style and low rider just to name few.

Can a woman get another woman pregnant through missionary style sex?

Um, NO! You need sperm, from a male.

What does the color 'black' mean on a 'sex bracelet'?

It means sex, if you're one to participate in the game. (though most don't even know of the game)willing to perform "missionary" sex

How do you a girl from behind?

Have your girlfriend/wife/partner get on all fours and place your penis in the vagina as you would for missionary (regular) sex.

Is missionary safe while you are pregnant?

Yes it is safe because your already pregnant

Jelly braclet meanings?

yellow-hugpink-hickeyorange-kisspurple-sexred-lap dancegreen-oral sex on a girlclear-whatever the snapper wantsblue-oral sex on a guyblack-missionary sexwhite-flash

Who invented the missionary position?

A missionary.

Which sex postion hurts more?

Ddoing it through ur booty hole hurts more then missionary. No sex position should hurt unless it is anal sex. It should feel fantastic. Even the anal can feel fantastic if relaxed enough.

Who was the missionary to the Gentiles?

Paul was the missionary to the gentiles.

What is a missionary kids?

A Missionary kid is a missionaries kid he is not a missionary he is just the son/daughter of the missionaries.........

A sentences with the word missionary?

The missionary dresses simply. A new missionary is expected to arrive today.

How can missionary be used in a sentence?

A female missionary is bound to get further than any MALE missionary .

What is the best possision for sex?

For men, it's whatever position the woman is in. For the 70% of women who climax through oral sex only, it's whatever position his tongue is in and for the lucky 30% of women who climax through penetrative sex, it's usually on top or missionary.

What is an antonym for missionary?

The noun missionary is a person on a religious mission; the adjective missionary describes something of, relating to, or characteristic of a religious mission. There are no antonyms for the word missionary.

What was the effects of the missionary diplomacy?

what was the missionary diplomacy effects

What is the duration of The Missionary?

The duration of The Missionary is 1.5 hours.

How do you know if a Mormon missionary likes you?

A Mormon Missionary doesn't like you, and if he/she did, it wouldn't matter. Mormon Missionaries have devoted a period of their lives to serving Jesus Christ and do not have relationships, be alone with a members of the opposite sex, or even do anything that isn't community service or teaching the Gospel.