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Potassium is an alkali metal, which means it will react explosively with water.

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Potassium does not explode; potassium react with water, hydrogen is released and this hot gas can explode in air.

In 9th century china when a cook mixed potassium nitrate, also known as saltpeter, sulfur, and charcoal. Instead of burning it exploded, so it was used to make fireworks, which explode.

Chlorine doesn't explode when mixed with water. Pool water has chlorine in it. I think you meant sodium mixed with water, which does explode.

it will explode and crakkle and go bang it will also make lollipops

Uh you got it a bit mixed up in there. Gummy bears don't contain Potassium Chlorate they contain sugar, so when you drop a sugar-rich candy into molten Postassium Chlorate it will explode.

silver nitrate and potassium iodide can be used.

No - there would be a reaction though if Chlorine and Potassium Iodide were mixed

Yes it will. potassium reacts with water to form potassium hydroxide and hydrogen. the reaction is highly exothermic and will explode. However, potassium can be slowly dissolved by adding very small piece of potassium in water, wait till it dissolves completely and then add the next piece. But should be done with caution.

Sodium and potassium are the most common metals that explode on contact water. Rubidium and cesium will also explode in water, but they are harder to obtain.

Example: potassium hydrogen phtalate plus sodium hydroxide.

Sometimes is very possible.

If it is cornflakes and milk, then yes.

They explode because of the baking soda and vinegar mixed in and when there together BOOM.

the acid in the junk food mixed with alcohol will make your stomach explode.

gasoline combined with air will explode, gasoline won't burn without air the fumes mixed with air will explode but the gasolin will burn

The reaction between potassium and hydrochloric acid is very violent, even explosive. On contact with the acid the reaction rapidly releases heat and hydrogen gas, which ignites. This in turn sets the potassium on fire. When this happens the potassium may explode, scattering flaming molten globules of metal.

Cesium and Potassium are both elements that explode in Water!

NH2 potassium carbonate itself is basic so it will make water and a salt if mixed with acid NH2 potassium carbonate itself is basic so it will make water and a salt if mixed with acid

You NEED potassium to make potassium chloride.

Ice cream should never explode. Perhaps it would If you left some pure potassium inside and completely forgot about it

Potassium nitrate is a big part of gunpowder.

The flame will turn a violet color. It will not explode.