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What is mock press?

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mock press is a press media where in your asked questions.

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What is meant by mock press?

mock press is a press media in which your asked questions

What has the author Eva White written?

Eva White has written: 'An introduction to the Beaumont Press' -- subject(s): Beaumont Press 'Criminal justice unit & mock court case' -- subject(s): Administration of Criminal justice, Criminal justice, Administration of, Mock trials, Study and teaching

Is Don Quixote a mock epic or mock romance?

Don Quixote is a mock romance, the character of Quixote is mock-heroic. The definition of a mock epic is very similar to that of mock romance, however, the mock epic is the larger idea, and the mock romance is the specific idea.

What were the experiences of the German people?

well what they they had to eat was mock everything really: mock goose, mock ham and even mock bread

What does the word mock mean?

To mock means 'to make fun of' and "Mock" is used to mean practice or pretend, as in "Mock Exams", a "Mock Debate", a "Mock Trial", things students could do in a school in preparation, perhaps, for the real thing.

What does 'mock-friendly' mean?

mock friendly - pretending to be friendly

What does the last name mock mean?


How do you use the word mock in a sentence?

My brother likes to mock me. The troops engaged in a mock battle. A sailor isn't one to mock while you are standing on his dock.

What does mock-up?

mock means dan

How tall is June Mock?

June Mock is 5' 8".

When was Michaela Mock born?

Michaela Mock was born in 1960.

What is mock dint?

mock dint is someone mocking someone

What mock chicken is made of?

Mock Chicken is made of poo

What is mock Parliament?

mocking a parliament is called mock parliament

When was Richard Mock born?

Richard Mock was born in 1944.

When was Mock Turtle created?

Mock Turtle was created in 1865.

When did George Mock die?

George Mock died in 2001.

When was George Mock born?

George Mock was born in 1907.

When was Jerrie Mock born?

Jerrie Mock was born in 1925.

When was Alois Mock born?

Alois Mock was born in 1934.

What is a Mock Trial?

A mock trial is when a group of kids from a school, or community, holds a fake trial in court, for competition.

Which one is correct mock exam or muck exam?

Mock exam is the correct word.

What is a sentence for the word mock?

You shall not mock me.He thought it was funny to mock the king. He didn't laugh when the king ordered him to be beheaded, though.You sir, mock our culture and traditions, so you are no longer welcome here.

What is the noun for mock?

The word 'mock' is a noun, a singular, common noun; a word for an imitation, an act of derision, or the object of derision.The word mock is also a verb and an adjective. Example uses:The scene is a mock of the candidates' debate. (noun)Comedians love to mock politicians. (verb)The mock debate was hilarious. (adjective)

What is the noun form of the word 'mock'?

The word is 'mock' is a noun, a word for an act of derision, a word or statement of a derision.The noun forms for the verb to mock are mocker, mockery, and the gerund, mocking.