What is modern education?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Q: What is modern education?
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What is the contribution of the greek education to modern education?

Contribution of greak education system to modern education

When was Modern Education Schools created?

Modern Education Schools was created in 1997.

What is Modern Education Schools's motto?

The motto of Modern Education Schools is 'one is roots, the other is wings.'.

Who is the father of world modern physical education?

The father of modern physical education was Friedrich Ludwig Jahn.

When it satart modern education in Ethiopia?

history of education in ethiopia

What are the disadvantages of modern education?

The disadvantages of modern education are many. The main disadvantage is that modern education is eliminating some important values that were taught in traditional educational systems. It also fails to integrate important cultural beliefs.

What is

The modern school for education.

What are the contributions of early civilization to modern day of education?

The question is too broad. You need to state which civilisations and what part of modern education

Why is modern education better than ancient education?

i think ancient teachers better than modern teachers and ancient teachers was teaching more than more and without money....they done hard work

Modern education philosophers?

Some modern education philosophers include Paulo Freire, who is known for his work on critical pedagogy and empowering marginalized communities; bell hooks, who explores intersections of race, class, and gender in education; and Gert Biesta, who emphasizes the importance of democratic education and the role of schools in promoting citizenship.

What is the Impact of modern education on culture.?

There is no impact.

What is the Difference between gurukul education and modern day education?

the basic difference is that gurukul education is entirely consists of Vedas,epics, literature and archery and the modern education is primary education which includes a variety of subjects like science ,maths,literature,geography,etc.