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That depends. A cyclone can be almost any large-scale, organized low-pressure system, and so is not necessarily damaging. However, a cyclone has more destructive potential, as it covers a much larger area than even the largest tornadoes. A tornado cannot cause as much damage in terms of quantity, but the damage that does occur is often far more severe.

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What is cyclone in weather?

a cyclone is another from of a tornado but more in a dangerous way

Is a cyclone more close to a tornado or a hurricane?

A cyclone is more like a hurricane. In fact a hurricane is a type of cyclone.

What country calls a cyclone a tornado?

No country really calls a cyclone a tornado. Some parts of the U.S. a tornado a cyclone, though a tornado and a cyclone are two different things. In the U.S. however a strong tropical cyclone is called a hurricane.

Which is bigger cyclones or tornadoes?

A cyclone is bigger than a tornado by far, but a tornado is usually more violent.

Was there a tornado or a cyclone in the wizrd of oz?

A tornado in Kansas.

Is the most dangerous tornado and violent tornado a cyclone?

No. Cyclones and tornadoes are completely different phenomena.

What are the three kinds of tropical cyclone?

cyclone tornado and hurricanes

What is cyclone called in US?

Americans call a cyclone a tornado.

Which is stronger cyclone hurricane typhoon or tornado?

A hurricane and a typhoon are the same strength, as they are the same type of storm only occurring in different regions. They are a kind of cyclone. Overall, a hurricane or typhoon is stronger than other varieties of cyclone. Due to their large size, such cyclone will release more energy than a tornado, but a tornado has stronger winds.

Which is more dangerous a tornado or cyclone?

tornado, because they form more quickly, on land, they do more severe damage then a cyclone. Cyclone is a fairly generic term. It can apply to dangerous weather systems such as hurricanes, but it can also apply to just about any low pressure system with a closed circulation, even if it is not violent or severe.

Is a tornado stronger than a cyclone?

A cyclone is virtually any low pressure system, ranging from a mild low that brings gentle wind to a hurricane. Generally a tornado has stronger winds, but a cyclone, being larger, can release more energy overall.

What type of tornado is the most damaging?

The F5 (or EF5 as of February 2007) tornado is the most damaging category.

What is a violent cyclone of small diameter over land?

This most closely describes a tornado, though a tornado technically is not a cyclone.

Is a tornado a intense tropical cyclone?

No, a hurricane is an intense tropical cyclone.

Which one of this is not a cyclone Bora Hurricane Tornado or Typhoon?

A Bora is not a cyclone. Tornadoes more features in common with cyclones, but they are technically not cyclones either.

What is a tornado commonly known as?

A tornado is also commonly known as a cyclone.

What is bigger a tornado or a cyclone?

A cyclone is bigger. Cyclones are large scale storm systems while a tornado is actually quite small in weather terms. However, tornadoes are generally more violent than cyclones.

What is a tornado called in the southern hemisphere?

A tornado in the southern hemisphere is still called a tornado.

Is a cyclone another name for a tornado?

No. A cyclone is a different kind of weather event.

Is a tornado a cyclone?

No. While a tornado and a cyclone have a number of things in common, they are two different things. A tornado is a small-scale circulation that is dependent on a parent storm cell. A cyclone is a large-scale circulation that is its own independent weather system.

What is the most damaging part of a tornado?

That depends on the tornado. In a single vortex tornado the most damaging part would be the edge of the tornado's core, analogous to the eye wall of a hurricane. In a multiple vortex tornado, the most damaging part would be the subvotices that orbit within the main circulation of the tornado.

Is a tornado smaller than a tropical cyclone?

Yes. A tornado is orders of magnitude smaller than a tropical cyclone. Most tornadoes are no more than a few hundred yards wide and rarely over a mile. By contrast a tropical cyclone is usually hundreds of miles wide.

Can a 747 stand up to a cyclone 5 tornado?

There is no such thing as a "cyclone 5 tornado." You can have a category 5 hurricane or an EF5 tornado. In either case, the answer would be no; there is too much turbulence.

When did a cyclone hit Streator Illinois?

No, Streator, Illinois was hit by a tornado, which is different from a cyclone.

What is a synonym for storm?

cyclone, tornado, monsoon

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