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Oily road....

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Q: What is more slippery than an icy road?
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Why is sand placed on an icy road?

Sand is placed on an icy road to add more friction. This reduces how slippery it is and makes it easier to drive on.

A road is most slippery when?

it is icy and then sanded

Why it difficult to walk on a slippery road?

It is difficult to walk on an icy road, because your feet keep slipping on the ice.

Why are you much more likely to crash when riding a bike on a icy day?

Ice is slippery, right?

Do abs brake leave skid marks on icy road conditions?

ABC brakes will leave skid marks during icy road conditions because of its slippery nature. ABS keeps brakes from locking up but does not prevent tires from sliding on ice.

Can the word slippery be use instead of icy?


What is icey?

It is spelled "icy", as in "I slipped on the icy sidewalk."

What conditions do penguins live in?


Why would an icy road at -1 degress C be more dangerous than an icy road at -10 degrees C?

An icy road at -1 has more moisture in the ice, meaning that their will be more water in the icy mixture keeping it on the road. More water=more ice. When the temperature drops further it reacts by extracting the moisture, condensing the crystals in the ice. It acts almost like a drying effect on the roads. There will still be ice and it will be dangerous. However with all this said, it just depends on how much precipitation is involved with the road. A road that hasn't been wet (snow or freezing rain) for days is much safer than a freshly covered one. That is the bottom line. Look out for wind, curves and animals. Slow down.

In which scenario would you be most likely to use your sense of touch to recognize the hazard?

Icy road conditions

Why is sand put on ice?

its not Well, its not "generally" put on ice, but when it IS used its put down to suppposedly increase traction and reduce slipping on sidewalks and roads.

Is the word icy a noun?

No, icy is an adjective, as it adds information to a noun, eg: the icy road, or the icy pond. The noun form is iciness or ice