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Tagalog translation of multiple intelligence: maraming kakayahan

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Ang "multiple intelligence" sa Tagalog ay "maramihang kakayahan" o "ibang uri ng talino." Ito ay konsepto na nagpapahayag na may iba't ibang paraan ng pag-unawa at pagpapakita ng talino ang bawat tao.

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Q: What is multiple intelligence in Tagalog?
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What is the difference between emotional intelligence and multiple intelligence in relation to organization studies?

there is no differences betwen emotional intelligence and multiple intelligence.

What is the tagalog term for multiple choice?

The Tagalog term for multiple choice is "marami ang pagpipilian."

What are the 9 multiple intelligence?


How would you know if you have a multiple intelligence?

Usually there are tests to prove that you have a advanced intelligence

Who propounded theory of multiple intelligence?


What type of intelligence does Albert Einstein have?

According to Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence theory, Albert Einstein had a Logical-Mathematical intelligence.

Who propounded the theory of multiple intelligence?

The theory of multiple intelligence was propounded by Howard Gardner in 1983. Gardner proposed that intelligence is not a single, fixed trait, but rather a combination of different types of intelligences, such as linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, and spatial intelligence, among others.

What is Multiple meaning word in tagalog?

"Multiple meaning word" in Tagalog is translated as "maraming kahulugan na salita." These are words that have more than one interpretation or definition depending on the context in which they are used. For example, the Tagalog word "suka" can mean both "vinegar" and "vomit."

Who developed the theory of multiple intelligence?

Howard Gardner

Generating multiple possible answers to a problem illustrate?

Componential/Analytical intelligence

Why word of deceit and betrayal is described the intelligence what is mean?

This person speaks Tagalog and maybe she can help you:

Is multiple intelligence different from paper and pencil that only fits linguistic intelligence?

THE ANSWER BELOW IS WRONG. If you are asking about Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences there are 9 in his theory. One is linguistic intelligence out of the 9. I am not sure what you mean about "paper and pencil." There is no intelligence in that category and paper and pencil are tools for use in many formats.