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The possessive form of the plural noun pharaohs is pharaohs'.

The possessive noun phrase is: the pharaohs' mummies.

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The possessive form of the plural noun pharaohs is pharaohs'.example: The pharaohs' mummies are studied by scientists at the university.

The plural form of the noun pharaoh is pharaohs.The plural possessive form is pharaohs'.

because the pharaohs thought that the mummies would have a after life

Mummies that were pharaohs or otherwise royalty were buried with gold masks. Some mummies did not even get a tomb, because they were not wealthy enough to afford them.

Mummies Secrets of the Pharaohs - 2007 is rated/received certificates of: Hong Kong:IIA

Mummies were used by powerful Pharaohs and sorcerersabout 2 million years ago.

Yes, a possessive noun is a kind of noun; a possessive noun is a noun in the possessive case.Example:noun: treepossessive noun: the tree's leavesnoun: Robertpossessive noun: Robert's bicyclenoun: storypossessive noun: the story's end

Th Pharaohs were embalmed and their mummies were put in sarcophagi.

Some pharaohs had pets that they requested to have mummified

I think they made them into mummies.

The possessive form for the noun coyote is coyote's.

The possessive singular noun is explorer's. The possessive plural noun is explorers'.

The mummies were mad to preserve the Pharaohs body, so he would have a safe journey to the "Afterlife"

no not usually it was mostly reserved for Pharaohs

Mummies, jewelry and all of the pharaohs belongings.

The abstract noun form for the adjective possessive is possessiveness.The word 'possessive' is also a noun, a word for a possessive case noun or pronoun.

The possessive noun family's is the singular possessive form.

The possessive form for the noun coyote is coyote's.

they thought that it would protect the mummies in the afterlife.

Mummies of the pharaohs, their families, court officials and their families.

The singular possessive noun is Rex's.

No. It is a plural possessive noun.

No, it is a singular possessive noun.

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