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a form of softball, also called "super slow pitch"


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Mush ball really means softball but in some countries they call it mush ball medicine ball or kitten ball

It is a synonym for softball. Or another word for softball.


Mush Just means Guy/boy/msn whatever , example.....look at that mush , or owrite mush

It changes each year, so the date is not the same, but it is in the first week of October. Cornimer will give you mush furniture for specific amount of acorns: mush stool 5 mush end table 10 mush lamp 25 mush chair 40 mush dresser 60 mush closet 80 mush stand 100 mush table 120 mush TV 140 mush bed 170 forest floor 230 forest wall 200

mush mush the person who replied to this is gay. i was innocently trying to find an answer to my geography thing when i click this thing and i get all excited and what do i find! "mush mush." shame. on. you. Yea seriously! MUSH MUSH? what were you thinking? You should be appauled with yourself! all I was trying to do was answer a stupid geography question and I googled it thinking I had found the answer and what do I get? Mush mush? do you honestly think that is the right answer? well let me tell you now that it isn't! ps i love you mush mush

As mush as you want it to be.

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The skeletal system is the structure for your body. If you didnt have a skeleton then you wouldnt have any structure to your body and you would be a ball of mush.

you have to be 18 years old to mush in the Iditarod

as mush as you want it to, idiot

When softball was first invented people called it lemon ball, diamond ball, super slow pitch, cabbage ball, indoor baseball, mush ball, playground ball, kitten ball and because it was also played by women ladies' baseball. The name softball was given to the game in 1926.

Mush March was born on 1908-10-18.

Mush March died on 2002-01-09.

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Star Wars MUSH was created in 1992.

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The term mush means something that is squishy like a sponge or or moss.

Mash up some stuff together. MAGIC. You now have mush. :p

Yes it can. I believe it's called ''cornmeal mush''

The official size of a mushball is 16 inches in circumference. The game of mushball is most popular in the Chicago area, but there are also leagues in Portland, Oregon.

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