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Q: What is music composed for religious purposes called?
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Definition of religious music?

Religious music refers to musical compositions that are created or performed for religious or spiritual purposes, typically as part of worship or as a means of expressing devotion or faith. This music can encompass a wide range of genres and styles, from traditional hymns and chants to contemporary Christian rock or Islamic nasheeds.

What is an abendmusik?

An abendmusik is an evening performance of religious music, or the music composed for the evening performance.

What was the purpose of religious music in shakespeares era?

Presumably religious music always intends to do the same thing: inspire with religious feeling. Although Shakespeare lived in an era where there was a lot of English secular music composed, religious music was mostly very traditional in the Catholic style. Some English Hymns (especially what are called "verse anthems") were composed for the Anglican service by composers such as William Byrd, Orlando Gibbons, John Bull and Thomas Tomkins.

In the renaissance period what is non religious music called?

Non religious music was called Secular Music (:

Why was much of the music of the early medieval period created?

for Religious purposes

What is the meaning of sacred and secular song?

Sacred song is used for worship or religious purposes. Secular song is common, everyday music.

A piece of music henryVIII composed?

HenryVIII composed a piece of music called Greensleeves. It's so catchy listen to it on Utube.

Who composed the music for the film called the day after?

David Raksin .

How are a madrigal and motet different?

A Madrigal is secular vocal music. A Motet is, for all intents and purposes, a sacred Madrigal; meaning it is religious vocal music.

Did Johann Sebastian Bach write more sacred or secular music?

Both, he composed religious and secular cantatas.

What are religious songs called?

hymns, or gospel music

What is antiphonal mean?

Noun antiphonal - bound collection of antiphons antiphonarychurch music, religious music - genre of music composed for performance as part of religious ceremonies Adj.antiphonal - containing or using responses; alternating; "responsive reading"; "antiphonal laughter" responsive