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Q: What is name underwater research center?
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When was Karst Underwater Research created?

Karst Underwater Research was created in 1996.

What was the name of the DHARMA initiative research station that was located underwater on the show lost?

the looking glass

Space and universe name of research center with these letters an e?

Langley Research Centre

What is underwater research vehicle?


What is the name of the first India's research center at Arctic?

Himadri in 2008.

Why did darmstadtium get its name?

The name of the chemical element is derived from the name of the German town Darmstadt where is a big center for nuclear research.

What is dubnium origin of name?

The name dubnium is derived from Dubna - a town in Russia with an important center for nuclear research.

What is the scientific name for Underwater Grasses?

SAV is the scincetific name for underwater grasses

When was Capital Research Center created?

Capital Research Center was created in 1984.

When was Center for Survey Research created?

Center for Survey Research was created in 1996.

When did Center for Survey Research end?

Center for Survey Research ended in 2004.

When was Karisoke Research Center created?

Karisoke Research Center was created in 1967.