What is nationalisms mean?

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Do you mean "What nationality is Armenia mean to?" If you meant that, they are mean to Azerbaijanis and Turks.

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Q: What is nationalisms mean?
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What was black nationalisms?

A way of thinking about how African Americans should live.

What was nationalisms idea about politics?

African Americans should elect their own community members

What was black nationalisms main idea about economics?

African Americans should only do business with members of their own communities.

What is the difference between feudalism and nationalisms?

nationalism is pride in your country and you do something to honor it yourself, and feudalism is where the government is forcing you to do something.

What has the author Brian J McVeigh written?

Brian J McVeigh has written: 'Nationalisms of Japan' -- subject(s): Civilization, Nationalism

What is nationalisms?

Meaning for the individual comes from the nation, its culture and history. It provides a cause worthy of self sacrifice. A mission that individuals can dedicate themselves to the advancement of the nation.

What has the author Fred Halliday written?

Fred Halliday has written: 'Iran' 'Irish nationalisms in perspective' 'The world at 2000' 'Islam and the myth of confrontation' -- subject(s): Christianity, Islam, Islam and world politics, Relations

What has the author Dieter K Buse written?

Dieter K. Buse has written: 'German nationalisms' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Intellectual life, Nationalism, Politics and government 'Come on Over!' -- subject(s): Miscellanea, History

What are the similarities among Pan-Slavism Pan-Arabism and Zionism?

The only real similarity is that all three were ethnic nationalisms that focused on a secular government. They catered to different populations in different areas of the world and had many aspects relating specifically to those populations.

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