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natural environment- the all natural constituents man, forests,ocean,rivers,air,sunlight,water,etc constitutes natural environment
the natural environment is much more than just trees, grass and flowers, it is homes of all kind of species, including the ones in the sea ! i think it is a beautiful place. the animals wouldn't be able to survive without it. it provides food and drink for them. it is a place where you can relax and enjoy. it is a place what helps you realize how gorgeous this world is. it is a place where animals breed and live. it is gods creation ! i thiknk people should realize all of these things when they litter because they are killing the planet, animals and people !
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What are the important features of the natural environment?

By definition the natural environment is the condition of livingand non-living things which occur in a state substantially notinfluenced by humans. This means they exist and change only by natural forces likeweather or predators for example rather than with human influencesuch as that in an urban en ( Full Answer )

What are some types of natural environment?

Define artificial environment? . there are two types of environment Urban and rural.. social. personal. natural there are all types or natral environment. unban energy pollution and transport

How do you protect the natural resources in our environment?

By making them valuable to people with the capacity to cause damage to them, so as to make them motivated to protect them. This can be done by creating a monetary incentive - like placing them in profit oriented possession - or by making the resources the property of a group of people that will ca ( Full Answer )

What is the natural environment?

Natural environment is created by natural substances. This means that natural environments cannot contain anything man made and consist of substances created by nature only.

What does Natural Gas do to your Environment?

Natural gas, or methane, is a greenhouse gas twenty-one times more powerful than carbon dioxide. It gets into the atmosphere for cattle belching, from anaerobic (that is, no oxygen) decomposition of organic material, and it released from thawing tundra and lake beds as the earth warms. If it is burn ( Full Answer )

Why is natural environment so important?

Natural environment is extremely important to the survival of thosewho inhabit it. Animals survive better in their own naturalenvironment.

How do sunflowers adapt to their natural environment?

Well then there isn't a sicnectific fornuals yet to answerb this question! im so sorry but there peals can bring then water from the sun! they akso get some water from ther ain to! this makes then stay alive. p.s did you know that they can grow up to 2 meters!!!1 isn't that amazing they are usal ( Full Answer )

What is Nature and scope of business environment?

Every business environment has a different nature and scope.External environmental factors can help or harm the organization.For example, a bottled water company in a hot climate will be moresuccessful.

What harm do natural disasters have on the environment?

Natural disasters can destroy not only the environment but livelihoods of humans. Tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricane's, and volcanic eruption can wipe out a whole town, city or more. Depending on how strong the disaster is it can destroy more than one town which means there are hundreds of families wh ( Full Answer )

Who works to preserve the natural environment?

Environmental preservation rests with three groups: . Governments who test the environmental conditions, dec=sign and pass conrol legislation and enforce controls . Industries that create the emissions and pay for and implement all pollution control systems . The public who require the produc ( Full Answer )

How do people change your natural environment?

People mainly negatively change the natural environment. This isbecause of pollution, deforestation, and urbanization. This causesanimals to lose homes and become extinct.

What is the goldfishes natural environment?

I'm not 100% certain, but it could be water. Just being silly.. The Goldfish, Carassius auratus, was one of the earliest fish to be domesticated. A relatively small member of the carp family, the goldfish is a domesticated version of a dark-gray/brown carp native to East Asia. It was first domestic ( Full Answer )

What is the impact of an earthquake on the natural environment?

Earthquakes can cause mountains to move. They can change existing lakes and rivers as well as creating new ones. Displaced water can cause floods. Coastal areas can be hit with tsunamis. Wild animals as well as people are displaced. Earthquakes pretty much effect all aspects of the lives in the area ( Full Answer )

How does natural gas affect the environment?

Natural gas itself affects the environment in two ways: - When it escapes and mixes with the air, its major component,methane, is a powerful greenhouse gas and promotes global warming. - When it is used as a fuel it creates carbon dioxide a greenhousegas. In this case the greenhouse effect is less ( Full Answer )

How does the environment affect natural selection?

Natural selection is a direct product of the environment. A couple of simple examples are: In a cold environment the only plants and animals that will survive will be cold tolerant plants and animals. In a forest of Bears the only animals to survive will be animals that are faster or bigger th ( Full Answer )

Does natural rubber impact the environment?

Unfortunately it has a relatively high reactivity with its environment, with oxygen and particularly ozone. Ozone causes surface cracking that can rapidly penetrate the component when even a low threshold value of tensile stress is applied. However, in components of fairly large cross sectional area ( Full Answer )

Monotreme in its natural environment is where?

The natural environment of the three different species of monotreme are: . Platypus - indigenous to Australia alone . Short-beaked echidna, sometimes known as the spiny anteater - found in Australia and a small region in New Guinea . Long-beaked echidna - found in the New Guinea highlands

How does nature change the environment?

The weather can change the environment. some examples are like when it is winter snow can mess up the environment! another example is fall the leaves fall off the trees. one more example is summer all the snow melts and the leaves and flowers grow back!!!!

How do you protect natural environment?

> Prevent pollution or over-cutting of forests, > Save endangered species > Conserve water > Develop and follow general plans and > Prevent damaging practices

What is a mans relationship to natural environment?

Man is a part of his environment and should be responsible in his way of living in it.. According to the Bible (Gen. 1:26 - 31) Man is responsible for taking care of everything. Man is to care for the green and growing things and control and care for the animals. He is also to multiply and fill the ( Full Answer )

Natural environment of a plant or animal?

The Natural environment of a plant or animal is its habitat. Thenatural habitat for a lion is the plains of Africa. The habitat ofa pine tree would be a temperate forest.

What is nature doing to the environment?

Awesome question! Nature itself produces almost all of the green house gas. Man only produces 0.28% of this gas. 94 to 06% of all CO2 is made by nature. Oil spills are also a very common natural event. Oil will seep to the top of the earth's surface if left unchecked. These are known as tar pi ( Full Answer )

How does the built environment effect the natural environment?

The built environment is one the individual built around it self like the environment of computer room that is not natural that is built one so it does effect the natural environment directly or indirectly . The built environment of the industries which release pollutants ... the socio environment o ( Full Answer )

Can nature manage your environment?

Nature has managed the environment well enough for millions of years. If we hadn't interfered in the carbon cycle (by burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas)), then Nature could manage quite well.

How important is the natural environment to us?

Answer: Natural environment importance: . Its give and provide living condition and necessary substance for people, animals and plants such as water air, sunshine. . Its a source for our food suppl, energy source and a source of resources for our industrial products.

Where can you find quokkas in their natural environment?

The quokka can be found in a limited number of areas of Western Australia. One of their healthiest populations is on Rottnest island, a small, protected island off Perth, the capital of Western Australia. The quokka can also be found in the coastal plain around the Swan River, near Perth and Gingin. ( Full Answer )

What is the impact of a volcano on the natural environment?

Research shows that volcanoes effect our earth by polution because inside volcanoes there are large amounts of rubble and rock that can burn. So, when the volcanoe errupts, the rubble and rock burn and the fumes go into the air and poloute it.

Where are the monotremes' natural environments located?

There are just three species of monotremes, or egg-laying mammals. The natural environment of platypuses and short-beaked echidnas is located in Australia. The long-beaked echidna is found in Papua New Guinea.

What is the effect that Mcdonalds has on the natural environment?

observations on primates such as human shows they are getting fat, meaning they have less sex due to their unsanitary small penises. Also they produce more gasses from farting which has a negative effect on the ozon layer meaning that macdonalds is a force to be wrecked with.

What is nature in environment?

The term nature is generally understood to mean the way things were before human beings interfered.

Is natural gas dangerous to your environment?

Yes, natural gas is dangerous to the environment. Natural gas, or methane, is a greenhouse gas twenty-one times more powerful than carbon dioxide. It gets into the atmosphere for cattle belching, from anaerobic (that is, no oxygen) decomposition of organic material, and it released from thawing ( Full Answer )

How do kingfishers adapt to their natural environment?

The kingfishers adapt easily because they have long beaks and shark beaks so they can catch something for e.g a crustacean and fiddle it round in their beak to break its shell. It is easier for them to catch their prey because they a streamlined body so there is no force pushing them back.

What is the natural environment of spinosaurus?

Spinosaurus lived in North Africa from Morocco to Egypt between 112 and 97 million years ago. The climate there was tropical, and the landscape was a coastal tidal plain with mangrove swamps. Spinosaurus was adapted for a piscivorous, or fish eating, lifestyle because of its long, narrow jaws filled ( Full Answer )

What will harm the natural environment the most?

actually all types of pollution could harm people and animals all sorts of animals i will give you some harmful objects . Heavy metals from industrial processes can accumulate in nearby lakes and rivers. These are toxic to marine life such as fish and shellfish, and subsequently to the humans wh ( Full Answer )

How does convection affect the natural environment?

Long term we see the convection movements of the Earth's molten core moving Our continental Masses; otherwise we see the Heating of the Earth's surface by the Sun making convective Up-Currents [updrafts] that are completely responsible for ALL of the Motions within Our Paper Thin Atmosphere [Low Pre ( Full Answer )

How do rattlesnakes blend into their natural environment?

Rattlesnaked blend into their enviroments by find a patch of leaves or high grass. Rattlesnakes do not naturally change colors they just stay still and hidden until they strike down or their prey and kill them. Therefore rattlesnkes don't change colors there skin color can just blend into different ( Full Answer )

How do you protect our environment from natural calamities?

Natural calamities can be classified into major and minor types depending upon their potential to cause damage to life and property. While natural calamities like earthquakes, drought, floods and cyclones could be regarded as major; hailstorms, avalanches, landslides, building collapse, etc., can b ( Full Answer )

Why is natural selection important to the environment?

Well, natural selection is when animals adapt to different environments. If animals didn't adapt they would die out, disturbing the food web and predators would have to compete for prey, or, if predators died out then the prey would over -populate.