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Natural forces are a invisible force trying to keep the world balanced. Pull and push are both natural forces so is gravity.

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Q: What is natural force?
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Is friction a natural force?

friction is a natural force

Is force natural?

yes force can be a natural

Is elastic force a natural force?


What is the example of natural forces?

Examples of natural forces are gravitational, electric, and magnetic force, as well as strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force.

Is a hurricane a natural force?


What is an example of natural force?


The natural force thought to hold planets in orbit is called what force?


What is the most natural dangerous disaster?

== == anything with anough force is a natural disaster!

What natural force slows the luge?


What are some natural forces?

Gravity & Force

What forces are used in skateboarding?

the force of gravity, natural force(weight), the applied force(your pushing off of the ground with your foot), and the frictional force.

The natural force thought to hold planets in orbit is called the what force?

GRAVITY!! i could be wrong...

The natural force produced by a magnetic field?


The natural force at work on your vehicle on hills are?


What is the main force of evolutionary adaptation?

natural selection

Which natural force causes a glacier to move?


What is the difference between natural and force commutation?


Is normal force a push or pull?

it is neither if it is natural

Natural force that few minerals show?


Is the sun a natural force?

The sun is a natural physical object, part of a group of objects called stars. These are created by the accumulation of matter through a natural force called gravity.Such objects can then produce certain natural forces such as electromagnetic radiation. Light, heat, etc.

Not naturally occurring means?

It means it doesn't occur by natural forces. Like a bridge does not appear by itself, but a human force is required. A natural force is like a hurricane or tornado.

What are the three natural forces?

The three natural forces are 1). gravity 2). electrostatic 3). magnetic 4). weak nuclear force 5). strong nuclear force

What is a human force?

The sovereign force that humans possess to understand, break down, and rearrange the natural world.

Which force makes the leaves of plants move?

The natural force wind makes the leaves plants move.

Natural selection is the force that drives evolution Which of the following is NOT a sub-process of natural selection?