What is necular power?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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the kind of energy produced when billions of atomic nuclei from uranium are split in a fission reacion

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Q: What is necular power?
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Is necular energy renewable?

no it is not once used its gone

How sun get its light?

burns hydrogen by the action of necular fusion

Which has a necular charge?

I assume it's an incorrect spelling of "nuclear charge".

Why necular power stations are dangerous for the environment?

nuclear power stations r bad for the environment because they can leak waste into our enbvironment and then kill our trees and life and then we will have less oxygen and we will all DIE! o and if they go critical then we will a go BOOM BOOM

What is necular arsenal?

A country's total number of atomic bombs, or even hydrogen bombs in stock

What is a necular power plant?

A nuclear power plant is a plant [not a plant that you see in gardens or forests..] that holds mounds of electricity and power. If it ever leaks or explodes, gases can reach up from Conneticut to approximatley, Maine [as an example]. If people inhale gases from an exlosion or leak from power plants, it may cause cancer, possibly death [depending on how bad the power plant was exposed].

How does the sun create sun and light?

the sun creates light in a process called thermonuclear, necular fusion.

How long does a necular power station last?

New stations normally get a 40 year licence from the NRC, but there is usually scope to extend this perhaps to 60 years later in life. Some components like steam generators can be replaced if required and economic to do so

What plan ended WW two?

The Necular or Atomic Bomb. Two dropped on Japan. One was dropped on Hiroshima, hope this helps you guys a little.

What is necular energy?

produced when billions of nuclei from uranium, a radio active element, split apart in a nuclear fission reaction. :D By: Chelsea, a dumb blonde (:

What is the definition of necular energy?

Atomic energy is released during a nuclear reaction during fission or fusion. It is released by the nucleus of an atom and can also be a result of radioactive decay.

In a necular reaction what needs to be conserved?

The sum of mass and energy, the energy being related to mass by Einstein's equation e = mc2, where e is energy, m is mass and c is the speed of light in vacuum.