What is needed for photosynthesis to occur?


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For photosynthesis to occur, the plant needs an organelle called the chloroplast. The components are carbon dioxide, light energy, and water.

Reactants for photosynthesis:

1. CO2 - Carbon dioxide

2. light energy also known as sunlight

3. H2O - Hydrogen

Oxygen however can be considered a "waste" to plants (it can be mistaken as an intake for the process) because it produces carbohydrates for energy, yet releases oxygen into the atmosphere.

Products of photosynthesis

C6H12O6 - Carbohydrates

O2 - Oxygen

On the contrary animals, or humans need that oxygen and carbohydrates to produce carbon dioxide (the waste) and water. Instead of photosynthesis animals use cellular respiration.


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Yes they are both needed for photosynthesis to occur.

What is needed to occur is Water, Carbon Dioxide, chorophyll, sunlight for the Photosynthesis to occur.

The plant needed sunlight for the photosynthesis to occur.

carbon dioxide + water + sun = photosynthesis

Leaves are needed for photosynthesis to occur.

There are three things outside of a plant that are needed for photosynthesis to occur. They are light energy, water, and carbon dioxide.

Photosynthesis takes place in the cytoplasm, this is because the cytoplasm contains chloroplast which is needed in photosynthesis.

Carbon dioxide is one chemical that is needed in order for the metabolic reactions of photosynthesis to occur. The first stage of photosynthesis is a light reaction where energy from light is captured.

Carbon dioxide and water are thematerials needed for photosynthesis to occur in the presence of chlorophyll in the cell of a photosynthetic organism

One thing that must be present for photosynthesis to occur is sunlight. Other things needed for photosynthesis are chloroplast, carbon dioxide, and water.

light, carbon dioxide, and water are necessary for photosynthesis to occur in any plant

chlorophyll is needed for photosynthesis to occur. Its green pigment allows it to trap sunlight needed to split water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen.

For photosynthesis to occur a plant needs water ( H2o) carbon dioxide (what we breathe out) and sunlight. Without these things a plant cannot complete photosynthesis. Hope this helps. ;)

Photosynthesis could not occur at Saturn or Mars because there are not the needed products. These products include carbon dioxide, water and sunlight.

CO2 and H2O are two essential basic compounds for photosynthesis which occur in presence of sunlight

Because green plants contain chlorophyll which isneeded for photosynthesis.

There are two raw materials water and CO2. Sun light is needed too.

Yes of course it needs. It is the primary pigment.

50 % sunlight is needed by herbs to carry out photosynthesis

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