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Q: What is needed to take to giggleswick boarding school?
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Where did theghost of Christmas future take scrooge first?

His old boarding school

Can you take pets to boarding school?

I would most-likely say no. They allow many kids to enter the boarding school, including the one's with pet allergies. The safest thing is to not go to boarding school, you never know what they might do to your pet.

What are some names of boys boarding schools?

A great all boys boarding school is Cardigan Mountain School. Visit their website at to find out how to apply for admissions and to take a tour.

How much are boarding schools?

It depends on WHAT school you want, look at like boarding school websites, they can get you contacts and loads of info about the school and curriculum. :)

Where does the ghost of Christmas pass take scrooge first?

He takes Scrooge to his old boarding school.

How long does it take in the Sims 3 for your children to go through boarding school?

they go to boarding school until they graduate or become adults.....most sims graduate a few days before becoming an adult

What is a good boarding school in the US that i can take psychology and it does the IB course?

Phillips Academy- New York, The Webb School- California, The Bolles School- Florida

Where is abby mount boarding school?

Abby mount school in in Kent which is about 60 miles away from Chichester so it would take ages to get there!!

Where did the Ghost of Christmas Present take Scrooge first?

He is taken backto his boarding school where his familiy had all but abandond him

How long does it take to become a obstretrics nurse?

Four years of nursing school plus residency and boarding by the state of choice.

Why did the kid take the taxi to school?

Because he needed a ride.

How should you go about dating someone if you're in a boarding school and can't really go out?

If you both like each other, you can date them out of school, and be very subtle during school. Don't date at all, or you can both know you like each other and hope it stays that way until highschool or college. If your parents don't want you to date and you really like this person, just don't say anything to them.