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Q: What is new breakthrough to literacy?
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What has the author T P Gorman written?

T. P. Gorman has written: 'Breakthrough to literacy' 'A survey of attainment and progress of learners in adult literacy schemes'

What has the author Lynn Jenkins written?

Lynn Jenkins has written: 'Adult literacy in New Jersey' -- subject(s): Statistics, Educational surveys, Adult education, Literacy 'Adult Literacy in New York' -- subject(s): Ability testing, Adult education, Educational surveys, Functional literacy, Literacy, Reading, Social aspects, Social aspects of Literacy, Statistics

Can you give me a sentence with breakthrough in it?

The breakthrough technology was new, but had the potential to save many lives.

How do you put breakthrough in a sentence?

With this new breakthrough in cancer research, many patients will be saved.

What is the literacy rate of New Hampshire?

New Hampshire has a literacy rate of 94 percent. This is high compared to the national average, which is 86 percent.

What was the effect of Johann Gutenberg's new machine?

Literacy rate increase

What is a technological breakthrough?

It is a new thing discovered that has never been seen before. Exp. When somebody finds out about a new virus that is a breakthrough.

What is the literacy rate of New York?

About 78%.

What does a medical breakthrough mean?

Medical Breakthrough means that there is a newdevelopment in medicine which could be the answer to a problem or a new problem.

What is The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy?

the answer would be that its a dictonary

What colonial region had the highest literacy rate?

New England

What was effect of Johann Gutenberg's new machine?

Literacy rate increase