What is newtons color disk?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What is newtons color disk?
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What was newtons favorate color?

yellow'2nd green

What is blu ray disc?

Any color ... the "blue" does not refer to the color of the disk but to the laser light that reads the disk.

What was sir Isac newtons second favorite color?

Its red

What color was the apple that fell on isaac newtons head?

it was green

What is the colour Blu-ray disc?

Any color ... the "blue" does not refer to the color of the disk but to the laser light that reads the disk.

What is the color of newtons disk while rotating?

The colour of the dis when rotating is white it was an experiment to prove that white light was actually made of different colors and that experiment shows that if you get all the colours moving and spining fast enough it looks as if the light is white

What is an example of newtons third law in an amusement park?

Newton's third law, which states that For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, can be seen in the strong man games, where a blow with a hammer makes a disk rise up in a column. The stronger the blow, the higher the disk rises.

What is the difference in 200 newtons and 20 newtons?

180 Newtons.

A 2.8kg 40cm diameter disk is spinning at 260 rpm How much friction force must the brake apply to the rim to bring the disk to halt in 2.0s The answer should be in Newtons?

Torque is equal to friction force (F) * radius (r). Torque is also equal to moment of inertia (I) * Angular acceleration (a). Angular acceleration is equal to rotational velocity * 2Pi/time, which is 2 seconds. So, F = IRa/r, or 45.63 Newtons

How do you make a newtons disk?

take a CD and a chat paper and cut the chat paper in to a circle shape and paste on one side of CD with glue than color the circle paper with 7 rainbow colors and than place a marble in mid of CD and paste with glue and let it dry and place the CD on the ground and spin it fast

What color is the laser beam which reads a Blu-ray disc?

what is the colour of blue ray disk

What is newtons method?

what is newtons method