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Q: What is nexium medication used for?
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Can you take Nexium and Mylanta together?

Yes, but you need to take the Mylanta 2 hrs after taking the nexium or it will block the absorption of the medication.

I have gallstones if I take 2 nexium will I be able to eat an ice cream cone?

Nexium has nothing to do with the gallbladder. It is a stomach acid medication. No, it won't allow you to eat fatty food if your gallbladder is acting up.

Okay, then you may n?

Okay, then you may need to switch medication to lansoprazole instead of nexium, and dilaudid for pain

What is the base of the gelatin used in Nexium capsules?


What relieves acid in the stomach?

Acid reducers such as advil and tylenol. If yours is chronic, seek medical attention. They will prescribe you Nexium or another medication.

Is nexium a magnesium trisilicate antacid?

contains of nexium

Can nexium cause false positive for benzodiazepine?

There is no scientific proof that Nexium (esomeprazole) can cause a false positive. The only medication that has been studied and is known to cause a false positive is oxaprozin (Daypro) which is an NSAID. Valerian root is also believed to be a culprit, but once again there is no proof.

What happens if a dog takes nexium?

What happens if your dog takes nexium?

What is the dosage fo nexium for dogs?

what happens if a 15 lb year and half year old female dog eat one 40mg nexium and a half of a 12.5 hydrochlorothiazide

Is nexium a good sleep medicine?

Nexium is a proton pump inbitor and has no effect on sleep unless you suffer from hyperacidity problems of the stomach. You can buy Nexium medicine online from

Is nexium an anti inflammatory?


Is nexium a formulary drug?