What is niall horan's mom full name?

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What is Niall Horans mom nickname for him?

His full name is Niall JAMES Horan. :D

What is Niall Horans mom name?

Maura Horan :)

Who is Niall horans mom?

His mom is Maura Gallagher/Horan

How old are Niall Horans mom and dad?


What is Niall Horans mom and dads name?

Niall Horan's father is Bobby Horan and his Mother is Maura Gallagher. They divorced eachother when Niall was 5. His mother remarried to her current husband Chris.

What age is Niall Horans mum?

Niall's mom, Maura Gallagher, was born on January 1, 1961, and she is 59 years old.

What is Niall Horans familys names?

He has an older brother Greg (23) His Mom Maura Nolan Horan His Dad Bobby Horan His grandmother Margaret Nolan

Where is Naill Horans mom from?


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you mom name

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