What is nominal line voltage?

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'Nominal' means 'named'. So a 'nominal' voltage is the named voltage of a system. For example, when we talk about a 120-V or 240-V system, we are describing their nominal values, not their actual values which can change from moment to moment.
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Can i use a circuit breaker with 420V nominal voltage in 520V line voltage nominal current of circuit breaker is 1600A if I can how much current can pass from this circuit breaker?

NO! NO! NO!. The circuit breaker must be rated for the line voltage used. Exceeding this limit can cause catastrophic failure!. If you are really working on a 1600A bus, sto

What is the voltage of line voltage?

It varies from country to country. In the USA it is 110 volts, in the UK it 230 volts +/- 10%/6%.. In practise in the UK it is 240s volt +/- 6%, the slightly odd looking spec

What is meant by nominal current or nominal voltage?

The word nominal means the lowest possible safe amount. So, nominalcurrent or nominal voltage is the lowest amount necessary toperform an electrical function like keeping a li

What is nominal zener voltage?

A zener diode has a voltage when it reachesbreak over it may be 5v 12v or other voltage as manufactured. The manufacture will produce a 5v zener or is it? This voltage can ch

What is nominal voltage?

It is the rated voltage of an electric equipment. It is the voltage at which the device is designed to operate. Another Answer Nominal means 'named'. So a nominal volta

What is difference between nominal and terminal voltage?

The rated voltage of a motor listed on the nameplate is called the terminal voltage. This indicates the actual voltage on the motors terminals at which at which the manufactur

Is line to line voltage equal to line voltage?

Yes. By definition, a line-to-line voltage is indeed called a line voltage . For delta-connected , three-wire, systems comprise three line conductors. The line voltage

Line to line voltage?

The conductors between a three-phase supply and a three-phase load are called line conductors not phase conductors, and the voltage measured between them are line voltage

What is the nominal supply voltage?

The term, 'nominal', simply means 'named'. For example, the nominal supply voltage for a residence in the UK is 230 V . But this doesn't mean that the actual supply volta

What is phase voltage and line voltage?

The three 'hot' conductors supplying a three-phase system are called ' line conductors '. A line voltage is the voltage between any pair of line conductors. . In a 'delta'

What is the Difference between nominal voltage and operating voltage?

Nominal voltage is the 'named' voltage -for example, the nominal supply voltage in the UK is 230 V. But this is not necessarily the actual voltage at a particular time. A n
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What is a line to line voltage?

In a 3 phase system, the voltage measured between any two phase is called line to line voltage. And the voltage measured between line to neutral is called phase to neutral (
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What are the phase voltages if the line voltages are 100volts?

It depends on the type of three-phase system. If it's a three-wire system , then the phase voltage is numerically equal to the line voltage. If it's a four-wire system , the
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What are line voltage and phase voltage?

The voltage in the middle of line and impartial is known as the stage voltage. where the voltage between two lines called the line voltage.
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What is nominal voltage in the US?

AC current to residences in North America is 110 volts at 60 hertz, but 220 V and 440 V are available for industries that need it.
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What voltage is line voltage?

Line voltage (line-to-line voltage) in a polyphase system is the voltage between two given phases. The potentail difference between the line and nuetral ...230 volts. Bet