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There are two types of memories when it comes to supporting ECC (error correction code/circuitry). These are ECC memory (memories which support ECC) and non-ECC (which do not support ECC). ECC helps detect and correct certain types of errors in memory transactions if they occur. ECC memories are a bit slow in performance as there is some time lost in detecting and correcting errors if they occur. Non-ECC memories are more common, faster and cheaper. ECC memories are recommended for servers and other mission critical applications. Most of system designs and circuits are robust and there are rarely any errors on a PC memory bus, so non-ECC memories are good enough for general computing applications. Most computer motherboards support both type of memories but still if one should check motherboard and BIOS specifications before investing in ECC memory type.

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Q: What is non-ECC DDR SDRAM memory?
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The fastest technology in actual is laan, laan is the longest and most profound memory ever.

What is the meaning of ddr?

Stands for "Double Data Rate." It is an advanced version of SDRAM, a type of computer memory. DDR-SDRAM, sometimes called "SDRAM II," can transfer data twice as fast as regular SDRAM chips. This is because DDR memory can send and receive signals twice per clock cycle. The efficient operation of DDR-SDRAM makes the memory great for notebook computers since it uses up less power.

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The PNY PC-3200 1 GB DDR SDRAM is considerably fast memory-wise.

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No. SDRAM and DDR SDRAM are not compatible with each other.

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The term DDR SDRAM refers to the phrase "double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory". DDR SDRAM is simply a faster version of SDRAM in which data travels at a double rate. If your computer specs say that it uses DDR SDRAM it can take DDR SDRAM, but not SDRAM. DDR is 184 pins and has a notch in the bottom near the center and you will be unable to put DDR in an SDRAM mother board and also unable to put SDRAM in a DDR motherboard. Recently a new type of RAM has been introduced to market called DDR2. DDR2 is its own type and will not fit into a DDR motherboard. Hope this helps. Peace.

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