What is non vertebrates?

Updated: 10/8/2023
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there are six groups ofinvertebrates. There are the insects, arachnids and crustaceans. There are also mollusks, worms, and sponges.

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Something without a spine or backbone

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Q: What is non vertebrates?
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Do they have vertebrates or non-vertebrates?

There are both vertebrates(things with backbones) & non-vertebrates(animals without backbones).

Are jaguars vertebrates or non-vertebrates?


Are mollusca vertebrates?

Non vertebrates.

List of vertebrates non vertebrates animals?

vertebrates are fish, and invertebrates are slugs

What is the realtioship between vertebrates and evolution?

Well, vertebrates evolved from non-vertebrates if that's what you mean.

What is the major difference between vertebrates and non-vertebrates?

The major difference between vertebrates and invertebrates is that vertebrates have a back bone and invertebrates don't

Is a horse a nonvertibrate?

No. Horses are vertebrates, not "non-vertebrates" otherwise known as invertebrates.

What largest group used to classify living things?

Vertebrates and non-vertebrates.

What do non-vertebrates lack of?

They have no spine.

Is a piranha vertebrate or non-vertebrate?

The piranha is a fish, and all fish are vertebrates. Vertebrates are creatures which have a backbone and an internal skeleton. The term for animals which are not vertebrates is invertebrate.

Is liverwort a non-vascular plant?

No - vertebrates are animals with backbones.

What impact has the Hox genes had on vertebrates?

The homeotic (Hox) complex governs both the overt and non-overt segmentation that occurs in vertebrates.